Reasons Why Every Warehouse Needs Stair Trolleys

One of the most commonly used types of equipment in many industries for moving physical products is the hand trolley. This type of equipment is designed to move a heavy load from one place to another but only on flatter surfaces, so in order to transfer a heavy load from one floor to another, the single wheel hand trolley should be replaced with stair wheels. Generally speaking, in the industry, the enormous amounts of heavy loads are usually moved to another floor with the help of a crane or some other lifting machine, however, for somewhat less heavy loads, these types of instruments are replaced with a more simpler yet useful equipment – stair trolleys.


The main purpose of a stair trolley is to lift the high weight with less human effort. Thanks to the combination of three-star wheels which rotate and can be pushed/pulled up or down the stairs, a stair trolley works as a single unit, one that can do all the job without the help of some other machine. Since there are lots of models and types available on the market, stair climbers can be classified as manual or powered by batteries.

Except for warehouses and construction sites, the manual types of stair climbing trolleys are a very common type of equipment when it comes to lightweight deliveries and courier drivers. The powered electric stair climbers, on the other hand, are available in many variants out of which the tracked version can give the best S.W.L (safe working limit) option regarding the load’s safety. However, when it comes to speed and ease of operation, the push arm and walker variants are the most popular types of electric powered stair climbing trolleys.

The tracked stair climbing trolley is usually powered by electricity and its purpose is to mechanically traverse stairs with loads up to 1000kg. The transportation method is robust and can handle even an awkward terrain and deep stairs, but its main con is the massive weight and huge size. Some other types of stair climbers come with an additional feature – a hydraulic load balance that enables the load to be kept upright whilst traversing stairways. This feature is ideal for products that need to be kept upright during transportation.

The stair walker types of trolleys use a long screw thread in order to extend and retract a “foot” from the position of the held load and can lift up to 680kg of weight. The push arm type, on the other hand, has an arm that is fitted to the bottom of the truck and it can fold out and down whilst pushing on the step above and in. That way the truck can be lifted up in an arc in order to rest on the step, and the mechanical opposite of this motion enables the trolley to move downstairs.