Horse Care: The Reasons to Use Standing Wraps

Let’s be honest, having a horse requires dedication, all the love and care you can give, but it’s also so gratifying once you and your horse become best friends. Same as pets, horses need daily food, water, affection but that’s not all there is to taking care of them.

It doesn’t matter if you ride your horse often, strains and injuries can happen so you’d need to keep an eye for signs of issues and acquire the needed supplies, like standing wraps for horses, also known as stable bandages.

People often think if a horse isn’t riding or training every day, isn’t working hard and isn’t racing then there’d be no need for these wraps, yet it’s exactly the opposite thanks to how helpful they are as compression treatment.

Out of the wide range of wraps available, these are the basic and widespread wraps to choose from. The reason for their popularity lies in their design, consisting of a lower layer of cotton and bandage on the outside, or if it’s based on VenTECH technology there’s plush poly fleece beneath with neoprene as the outer layer.

They’re created in such a way so as to provide the horse with comfort and proper ventilation at the same time, so there’s no trapping of heat and moisture. Other than being used to treat sprains and injuries, they offer ideal protection for the legs, ligaments, and tendons even when resting in the stable and let’s face it, the legs of a horse are among the most vulnerable parts so you can never be too careful.


Likewise, they provide support for the legs and at the same time improve the blood circulation, so their treatment goes beyond healing as it promotes health and well-being. In case your horse has a cut or a wound, the standing wraps for horses are great for keeping it clean, helping with its fast healing and preventing infections.

Throughout tiredness, especially after training, it’s not uncommon for inflammation to occur and cause discomfort. Applying the standing wraps would be of help in decreasing the inflammation and there’s also the possibility to increase the impact combining the wraps with liniments but be sure to check with the vet first what you to use them with because of the heat that some products cause.

While you may have a difficult time applying the older types of wraps, the new ones based on latest technology wouldn’t take up much of your time or efforts to wrap your horse’s legs as they conform to the legs so you have no excuse not to use them.