Reasons You’re Loosing Your Hair

Maintaining a healthy body is very important, yet hard to do in today’s world of super fast and busy life styles. We all want things done now and have low patience when it comes to waiting. The same is true when it comes to food. With little time to spare, majority of us turn to junk fast food that is low in nutritional value required for impeccable body operation. And what about exercise? Window shopping in nearby mall, picking up your kids’ toys and watering plants is not considered an exercise. And if you add the amount of daily stress to all this, you certainly have a recipe for major illness such as hair loss.


But let’s get one thing clear – just because you do not eat healthy and do not visit treadmill or elliptical machine as often as Kylie Minogue, is not why you’re loosing hair. Aside from genetic inheritance, other factors affect the health of hair follicles which can lead to some type of hair loss in men and women. Here are the most common reasons you’re loosing your hair.

Iron Deficiency – Resent studies showed that iron deficiency may be the culprit to hair loss in both women and men. Although, there isn’t enough evidence to prove this, doctors claim that majority of hair loss patients generally have low iron levels. Boosting your iron levels is definitely important as it helps transport oxygen in the body. Consult your doctor about how much iron you should consume daily.

Thyroid Problem – The thyroid gland basically controls your metabolism by secreting two types of hormones, triiodothyronine and thyroxine. If, for some reason, thyroid secretes more or not enough hormone, it can cause thinning hair. Make sure you consult your doctor, as proper thyroid treatment will stop hair loss and recover normal hair growth pattern.

Blame The Hormones – Most women experience hair loss after pregnancy, during and after menopause. This is due to hormonal change. During menopause, levels of the hormone called estrogen drop which can cause thinning of hair. And when it comes to pregnancy, while being pregnant, regular shedding of hair stops. However, in a month or two after delivery, shedding and growth hair cycle returns to normal which is why many new moms experience hair loss. For some this is a temporary thing, while others see progression and eventually are diagnosed with hair loss.

Stress – We are all very much in tune with the harmful effects of stress, but have hard time minimizing it. According to doctors, stress is one of main culprits to hair loss. So, it is best to try to reduce it as much as possible.


If one of the above mentioned culprits is the reason you’re loosing your hair, make sure you start proper treatment as soon as possible. Also, there are many natural remedies that have been very effective in stopping hair loss. However, if you were unfortunate enough to inherit hair loss from either parent, your only option would be a hair transplantation surgery or less pricey solution – hair extensions and wigs. If you opt for more affordable solution, make sure you entrust a reputable salon with your hair problem. West End Hair is an eminent salon with the expertise to match any hair problem. Their hair extensions and other hair pieces are hand made with the most quality human hair carefully selected from Russia, India, Asia and South America. Their services will provide both educational and enjoyable experience.