Reasons To Teach Your Child Good Manners


Teaching your child good manners from an early age is more important than you think. It will help them become better people when they grow up; polite and open to communication; appreciative and respectful to themselves and others. But good manners do not come natural to children. Children have to learn them just like any other life-related activity or behavior. And you as a parent play an important role in this. Children learn everything from their parents, especially girls. For example, your daughter will at some point start to imitate you. Even when you think she’s occupied with her dolls, keep in mind that she’s always watching what you do, soaking every word you say and every move you make. Thus make sure your manners match your projected requirements of how you want your daughter to behave.

Many mothers of girls believe their princess will be real little ladies with perfectly styled hairs wearing crop tops for girls and cute ruffle skirts. However, very few toddler girls fit into such picture and in realty do not want to wear toddler girls dresses, skirts, nor want to comb their hair or cut nails. In fact, psychologists and pediatricians claim that most girls are very unruly until they turn three. This is because they are still in in the stage of exploring, testing the boundaries and deciding on what they do like and what not. So, if you want your daughter to be a real little lady, feminine and well-behaved, start teaching her good manners. Spending money on princess-like girls dresses online or in a kids clothing store, will not make a dame. But remember, how fast your daughter accepts the things you teach her, solely depends on her character.


Do not expect her to say ‘thank you’ or to greet neighbors after first suggestion. Just like anything, good manners need practice and practice makes perfect. Talk with your daughter and teach her good manners when playing with dolls. Often, the way a child plays with toys reflects on the behavior towards others. Do not focus on clothing alone. Just because your little princess feels more comfortable in boys shirts and tracksuits does not mean you should start buying boys shirts online. And you definitely should not stop shopping for crop tops for girls and girls dresses online. What you need to focus on is teaching her to be nice and to love and respect others; to be independent and happy; to learn to understand and accept differences.

Having good manners is not directly related to the styled braids nor to the clothing a child wears. It really does not make any difference in you daughter’s conduct if she’s wearing boys shirts or toddler girls dresses. It is all about how she acts when having family dinner, playing with other kids in a park, when visiting grandparents, etc. And start with teaching her to care for her stuff. But allow her to choose her own outfits, even if it’s not a combination you like. Good manners are the way your child behaves and expresses herself at home and in public. So, teach her to be nice to other peers and grownups as well. Explain to her that conflicts are better solved with kind words and not shouting. Teach her the basics of hygiene, but do not expect her to always be clean and neat. After all, she is still only a child and has a lifetime ahead of her to learn everything there is to know about life. And remember, you will always be her role model. If you behave in a certain way be sure that your daughter will copy you. Make sure your actions match the good manners you’d like her to have.