Reasons your car should be road safe


Road safety is the most important thing every driver should focus on. Before starting the car, you must check if it is in a good condition to ensure complete safety of all your passengers and other drivers on the road. It is true that cars today come with various features which help lower safety risks, but there are times when luck is simply not on your side and when anything and everything can go wrong. To avoid collisions or major breakdown on the road, before driving off, check the tires, brakes, oil level and other fluids, signaling lights, etc.

If you are a parent, driving a safe car is of utmost importance. Always make sure your car is in a tip-top condition when transporting your kids to and from school, park, friend’s house, etc. Children are our most valuable treasure and we must keep them safe at all times. Therefore, make sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up. Safety seat belts are indeed life savers so make sure they are in good condition. Also, always sit your children in car seats to ensure not just safety but comfort as well. Tires play an important part thus always make sure they are inflated to the recommended level. However, even if you buckle up and maintain your car regularly, if you choose not to obey speed limit rule, chances of you causing an accident significantly escalate. The same is true if you drive while intoxicated. Alcohol significantly reduces your ability to focus on the road, weakens your motor skills and impairs reflex reaction. Never drive drunk, especially if your passengers are children.


Aside from minimizing safety risk, your car must be safe and in perfect condition in order to be registered. According to VicRoads, every vehicle must have a roadworthy certificate in order to increase road safety. Safety certificate Melbourne is also required when selling a car and when you want to re-register used one. In case where you want to sell your old car, you must own and present roadworthy certificate to the buyer. This certificate proves a car does not have major defects and is road ready.

A roadworthy inspection is a thorough review of all fundamental elements of a vehicle ensuring major parts are not worn out and a vehicle does not have hidden defects. The inspection includes checking of the tires, wheels, steering system, seats, safety seat belts, windscreen, braking system, windows, vehicle structure, engine, etc. The condition of your vehicle directly affects roadworthy certificate price. However, there isn’t a fixed rate as model, make and age also affect the price. Also, price depends on the licensed tester. Do a thorough research and ask for a quote from more than one roadworthy certificate Victoria licensed auto shop. Safety certificate is as important to a buyer as is to a seller. Since road safety is very important, make sure the vehicle you plan to purchase is in a perfect condition. Always ask for a roadworthy certificate Melbourne or Victoria to ensure you’re investing money in a drivable car.