Reasons to use Vibrating Screen

A vibrating screen is a piece of sieving or screening equipment, featured with high-technologies in order to get the job done in the most efficient way. It is widely used for both screening and grading materials in few different industries, including the mining, chemical and construction industry. There are few types of vibrating screen and they are all designed for specific range of applications, including light-duty vibrating screen for screening small and medium-sized materials and heavy-duty vibrating screen for screening large-sized materials. The vibrating screen uses a so-called screen box to separate the materials, but there are some types of vibrating screen that use multiple screen boxes. Here are few reasons a vibrating screen is a worth investment.


Low Operating Costs – The vibrating screen may be a costly investment, but investing in one is surely the right decision. It has a low fuel consumption and does not require a specific maintenance. In other word, the vibrating screen operating costs are very low. Also, a vibrating screen is made from quality parts for reduced spare parts, which further enhances the low operation costs.

Can Fit Into Tight Areas – Not only that a vibrating screen is lightweight, but its design is also very compact, allowing it to fit into very tight areas. This means that you can operate with a vibrating screen almost anywhere, including limited headroom areas and existing installations. Compared with other types of screening equipment which cannot fit into narrow spaces, the vibrating screen offers many advantages

High Efficiency & Productivity – Vibrating screen is a unique combination of the advantages of the traditional screening equipment and the latest technologies. When these are combined, you can expect the high efficiency of the vibrating screen, as well as enhanced productivity on job site. The vibrating screens usually have a high screening capacity, what can even double the production capacity.

Reduced Down-Time And Ease of Maintenance – The vibrating screen, even though a durable and highly efficient piece of machinery is very easy to maintain. You can easily strip down the vibrating screen part by part and clean it without using specific tools. Its design might be very simple, yet designed with the maintenance in mind. You only need to check the clamping bars for wear and corrosion; check for damaged or missing bolts and nuts and ensure the support deck is flat and firm.