Reasons To Use Forklifts On A Farm

The forklifts are the most common material handling machines, used for lifting and moving different loads and materials quickly and efficiently. Although generally used in warehouses and production facilities, the forklifts are also common equipment on the farm fields as well. Since they can lift and move industrial materials, there is no reason why the forklifts cannot be used for lifting and moving farming materials. If you own a farm, here are some interesting facts and the three main reasons why you need to consider buying a forklift:


It Can Handle Hay Bales – Handling hay bales is definitely the most obvious reason why you need to use a forklift on your farm. The forklifts can lift, carry and transport hay bales with weight of up to 1000kg. With a forklift, you will be able to move large and heavy hay bales from one place to another with little effort. A forklift will not only help you to move hay bales from one to another location effortlessly, but also quickly. There are few ways to use a forklift for handling hay bales. You can place the forks right into the bale, but this method is not recommended because it can damage the hay bale. For that reason, use the second method which is recommended by many operators of forklifts in Adelaide: tie the hay bale to the forks with a rope.

It Can Tow Loads – In addition to lifting and moving various items, the forklifts can also tow loads on a farm. If an object or load is too heavy or too big to be lifted with a forklift safely, towing can be a quite effective alternative. When towing a machine with your forklift, you need to be very cautious and to follow all instructions for proper and safe towing in order to prevent forklift damages and major accidents. One safety tip when towing: make sure you are using proper towing ropes and attachments.

It Can Lift And Carry Heavy Loads – Beside hay bales, you can use a forklift on your farm to lift, carry and transport all kinds of large and heavy items. Usually, the forklifts Adelaide farmers use forklifts to lift and carry farming equipment, farming tools, farming supplies, products, smaller pieces of farm machinery, animal food, fencing, fertilizers, and other items.

For increased productivity and profitability, you need to buy the right forklift for your needs. There are many forklift Adelaide suppliers that offer various forklift models, making your choice harder. Spend some time on the market, consider how each forklift can help you, and then choose the one that matches your needs.