Top Reasons to Install Floating Floor Underlay

Wondering how to reduce heat loss in your home? Aside from insulating your attic, walls and sealing all air leaks, did you know that heat is also lost through the floating floor? Yes, that’s right, you should insulate your floors as well. How?, you may ask. Three words – floating floor underlay. Underlay is not just for soundproofing your floor, it is also a very good insulator. So, what are you waiting for, search for reputable floating floor underlay stores and order your underlay today. It’s a win-win solution.

If not convinced yet, here are just few of the top reasons to install floating floor underlay.

Floating Floor UnderlayReduce Noise – Did you know that floating floor underlay is a perfect sound isolation solution. Aside from providing a support for the floor, it also absorbs foot noise and other vibrations that are carried through the floors. With floating floor underlay your home will be a lot quieter. Its capability to reduce noise is in fact the main reasons why people choose to install floating floor underlay.

Protect Floors From Moisture – Floating floors are known for being prone to moisture. And this can be a very serious problem as moisture can damage floors and the only solution would be new floors. But new floors are a costly investment, compared to installing floating floor underlay. So, to avoid moisture problems, install an underlay. It is well know that ventilation prevents mold formation. And that’s exactly the purpose of an underlay. It acts as a vapor barrier that directs air in the canals and prevents water vapor from the underfloor area.

Prolongs The Lifetime Of Your Carpet – Installing wall-to-wall carpet certainly isn’t cheap. It is a once in 15-20 years investment. But carpets are prone to wear. To protect your investment, install an underlay.

Improve Thermal Insulation – Paying high heating and electricity bills? Save with floating floor underlay. Don’t waste time, efforts and money on underfloor heating system, install an underlay. It is a perfect thermal insulator and energy saver.

Smooth Out Sub-Floor Imperfections – This is another reason to have a floating floor underlay installed. It is a foundation that supports the flooring material and smooths any kind of imperfection. People use underlays to minimize sub-floor imperfections, and make floors more comfortable to walk on.

There you have it, 5 good reasons to install floating floor underlay. All you need to do is find a reputable floating floor underlay seller, choose the right floor underlay and in less than 2 hours your home will be warmer and cozier.