Top Reasons to Buy Pinot Noir Wine

“God made Cabernet Sauvignon, whereas the Devil made Pinot Noir.” – Andre Tchelistcheff

Pinot Noir, although for many may simply be just another grape varietal, is in fact a seductive, velvety and elegant red wine which is far less intense than Cabernet Sauvignon. And let’s not forget that Pinot Noir is a very difficult grape to grow, even though it does well in cool, consistent climates, which allow grapes to ripen slowly and steadily over time. Traditionally grown in the Burgundy region of France, it has been successful grown in other wine regions all over the world.

Despite its heritage, Pinot Noir is one of the most appreciated wines in the world. Subtle and complex, silky and mysterious, Pinot Noir is for many one of the most amazing wines they have ever tasted. So, why not join the club. Here are few more reasons why you nee to buy Pinot Noir now.

Buy Pinot Noir

Food-friendly – Pinot Noir is a versatile wine that pairs well with a wide range of foods. From salmon to roasted chicken or duck, from beef to various pasta dishes, Pinot Noir is the perfect addition. Lazy to cook? No problem. Order a pizza as Pinot Noir pairs well with tomato sauce.

Beyond the boundaries – Pinot Noir is probably one of the most versatile wine types as there is a style for that caracterizes every region. For example, in Burgundy, France flavors vary from vineyard to vineyard, from earthy and with hints of blackcurrant, to mushroomy. Other regions like Yarra Valley in Australia and Sonoma in California, are known for producing a more powerful fruit styles of Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir is a great bargain – You can easily buy Pinot Noir (produced in Australia) at very reasonable prices. That’s because regions like the Yarra Valley, Tasmania, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsular are producing as stunning Pinots as Burgundy region, only at a fraction of the cost. Also, an increased production, demand, and consumer interest are other factors that drive the Pinot Noir prices down.

Be part of a trend – As the demand for a more complex and elegant wines grows, winemakers introduce new Pinot Noir styles that pair perfectly with simple and gourmet food. Simply said, Pinot Noir is what’s in fashion now. Concentrated and intense, complex and elegant, Pinot Noir has an incredible taste that you must try. Thus, buy Pinot Noir and be part of a trend.