Reasons to Hire a Vet to Get Your Pet Ready to Travel

Pets are not just ordinary animals, they have names, personalities and they are our best friends. We create special bonds with them, we play, fight, cuddle, so we should take them everywhere with us. But what if you had to travel abroad? Yes, there are services such as pet sitters, but how safe are they, and what if your little fluff misses you too much? Well, studies show that when you leave pets alone for an extended period of time, it can actually lead to major anxiety issues. So, the best option for both of you is to just take your pet along cause that will make all the difference.

If you’re travelling abroad or moving to another country, your pet can make for a great companion. But before you can journey with him, every animal needs a mandatory check-up and approval by a pet travel veterinarian.

Pet Travel Veterinary

There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional to take care of all your pet’s needs before he embarks on an adventure with you. The most important being your pet’s physical and mental health. So, what are the procedures that the pet travel veterinary will perform on your pet?

Before Travel Vet Check-ups

  • They can check your pets overall wellness and prevent illnesses
  • Your pet travel veterinary is authorised to give all the mandatory vaccination like rabies and verify the pet’s passport
  • They can insert a microchip into your pet’s left side of the neck. This is required in some countries, so before travelling, make sure you check whether your destination country requires one.
  • Your vet can give your pet prescriptions for the medicine it’s using (if any) so that you can take them with you.
  • They can recommend a carrier for your pet’s size and supply you with one that is right.
  • Your vet can groom your pet (cut nails, hair and brush his teeth).
  • The veterinarian must confirm and give you a health certificate.
  • They can help remove ticks or fleas, or supply you with shampoos so that you can do it yourself. This is also mandatory for some countries.

Important Notes

When buying a carrier for your pet, you should do it a few weeks, even a month prior to your departure. Your pet will need time to get used to the carrier and see it as a positive place instead of a prison. You can help your pet in this process by using the carrier before going to fun places such as I the park.