Hilux Shock Absorbers: Enhance Your Control over the Vehicle as Well as Comfort

There are 30,000 parts in a single car, but the most frequently changed parts are the shocks. The Hilux shock absorbers differ from other types almost completely, but mostly in stiffness. Its rear shocks are very stiff as to allow it to support heavier weight.Hilux Shock Absorbers

The Hilux shock absorbers have two main functions, controlling the movement of springs and suspensions and keeping the tyres in contact with the ground. These are two very important tasks, so the shocks should be changed regularly after every 80,000 km or if one of the following defects occurs:

  • Noticeable tire shaking
  • A bouncy ride
  • Rocking when cornering or driving opposite a strong wind
  • Nose dive when breaking
  • Leaking fluid from shock or strut

To control the movement of springs and suspensions, shocks have a piston attached to the end of a piston rod that works against hydraulic fluids in the pressure tube. As the suspensions move up and down, the hydraulic fluid goes through little holes inside the piston. The holes allow only small quantities of liquid to seep through, slowing the piston down thus causing the spring and suspension movement to also be slowed down.

There is a big variety of Hilux shock absorbers to choose from, all with different power and meant for different driving styles. So before buying a shock absorber, it is beneficial to understand your choices.

Types of shock absorbers and how to use them:

  • Hydraulic Shocks – The most used and affordable shocks on the market, they are meant to be used for smooth, soft riding and are not recommended for off-road use.
  • Gas Shocks – Filled with Nitro-gas, these shockers are mostly used for track driving and trails.
  • Air Shocks – Used by towing and hauling trucks, they are only available for the back wheels.
  • Twin Tube – Designed to deliver a smooth, consistent ride while out on the road, the twin tubes are usually the original equipment of your car.
  • Monotube – Deemed to be more responsive than the twin tube, it is usually considered as an upgrade when compared. You’d want to get this if you like a more responsive vehicle, or for when you’re changing the original twin tube.
  • Duel Shock Absorbers – As the name specifies, it consists of two shock absorbers working together, this is most frequently used if you’re constructing an aggressive show truck or if you like fast, off-road driving.

No matter what type of mechanical work is being done on your ride, it is always a smart idea to check your shock absorbers, and change them if needed, keeping in mind they control the entire vehicle.