Reasons to Get an Aftermarket 4×4 Exhaust

Although all four-wheel-drives are a lot more powerful than the average car, sometimes the performance of a 4×4 straight out of the factory is simply not able to satisfy the expectations of many off-road enthusiasts. Luckily, there’s always plenty of room for improvements that can transform any 4×4 into a complete, lean mean machine ready to tackle all kinds of terrain. And the changes don’t always have to be drastic and expensive. Just replacing your stock exhaust with a new aftermarket model can make a big difference in the way your vehicle performs. Here are just some of the reasons to invest in a new aftermarket 4×4 exhaust.

exhaust system


One of the most obvious reasons to consider getting an aftermarket exhaust system for your 4×4 is that you get the ability to choose a more resistant material. Most factory models come with exhausts made of mild steel which can quickly deteriorate with the exposure to humidity and UV rays. But the better quality aftermarket models use high-quality aluminised steel. Opposed to the factory installed systems, a 4×4 exhaust made of aluminised steel offers exceptional longevity and with regular maintenance can often last throughout the entire life of the vehicle. An aluminized exhaust system can drive past muddy or wet road conditions without corroding and tolerate the extreme heat in the Australian desert.

Cooler 4WD

In general, 4x4s tend to struggle a lot with overheating. The main reasons for overheating is a restrictive exhaust system that causes the engine to work harder. And most 4×4 manufacturers build their exhausts to be restrictive in order to save on materials. However, you can invest in a brand new exhaust with a larger diameter and mandrel bent which will allow the exhaust gases to flow out a lot faster, thus reducing the back pressure in the engine. A mandrel bent exhaust has its curves which are bent in a special jig, preventing the exhaust pipe from crushing in. This way, the exhaust pipe doesn’t create unnecessary restrictions and the engine doesn’t have to work as hard.

4x4 exhaust

Improved Power and Torque

Not only does a less-restrictive exhaust system prevent your vehicle from heating up, but it can also boost the power and torque of the engine. The larger the diameter of the exhaust, the quicker can the turbo spool up. As a result, it can produce more boost and earlier in the rev range. And this is what every 4×4 owner wants as it allows for faster take-offs and increased horsepower.