Reasons to do pre purchase vehicle inspection

pre purchase vehicle inspection

The number of people getting scammed over car purchase deals is rising every day. It seems as if everyone who is selling a car nowadays wants to get more money on it than he/she originally paid for it. It is OK to test negotiating abilities, but making someone a fool when they are not is disrespectful. That’s why buyers should think about who they’re buying a car from and find ways to determine vehicle’s real value. One way of doing this is by getting a pre purchase vehicle inspection which will ensure the mileage shown on the odometer is the true number and not owner’s way of getting more money out of the deal. Let’s brake this down and see why it is best to do a pre purchase vehicle inspection before making that payment.

Pre purchase inspection covers a lot more than you think. It is not another regular auto check, but rather a thorough inspection of almost all relevant parts of a car that can jeopardize driving experience and expose a driver and passengers to dangerous situations. Briefly here are some of the parts that this kind of inspection covers:

  • Interior: All parts inside a car that improve driving are subject to inspection. This include interior trim, dashboard and even the air-conditioning system.
  • Exterior: Paint job, missing bumper parts, small cracks and anything that can influence the price is subject to inspection.
  • Drive train: All components that enhance the drive train like transmission, CV joints, suspension etc.
  • Engine: One of the most important parts of pre purchase inspection. It is advised for mechanics to be extra careful when they’re inspecting engine parts and their functionality.
  • Brakes: brake pads, brake response time and anything that can influence the operation of brakes.
  • Tires: Although tires are replaceable and do not influence engine performance as much, a simple check wouldn’t do any harm.

When you do convince the seller to make a pre purchase inspection, make sure you know where it is done. Sometimes mechanics and sellers make deals behind buyer’s back and show fake reports that the car is well preserved which raises its price. Keep an eye on these fraud methods, because it will be too late once your new used car stops in the middle of nowhere.