Reasons To Choose A Straight Boom Cranes

The main purpose of the straight boom cranes is to lift and move heavy loads quickly and easily. Unlike the knuckle boom cranes, the straight boom cranes offer greater stability and lifting capacity. The straight boom cranes are designed to handle a variety of lifting and loading operations. What makes the straight boom cranes to be a better choice than the knuckle cranes, is of course their superior lifting performance, ease of operation and wide operational range. boom-crane

The most important part when talking about the straight boom cranes, is the fact that you will need less time to train an operator than you would with the knuckle boom cranes. And since time plays an important role when you are limited with deadlines, the straight boom cranes are your ideal choice when you need to complete a project on time. Even though the straight boom cranes are easy to operate, still operators need to complete specific training programs. The main features of the straight boom cranes are the following ones:

  1. Accurate Load Placement – One of the reasons why operators prefer to work with a straight boom crane, is the simple wire rope system. It’s much easier for operators to lift and place the load accurately, since the wire rope makes linear movements, going up and down. As a result, the operators can handle loads safely and more accurately. Furthermore, this feature allows operators to load and unload even in narrow spaces, reducing the risk of damaging the load. 
  1. Greater Outreach – Whether you work in a warehouse or on a construction site, it’s good to know that the straight boom cranes have the ability to reach over walls, fences and many other obstacles that might come in your way. You will be able to reach loads that are positioned on high places very easily. This feature will certainly increase the productivity on the work site. 
  1. Greater Rotation – Unlike the knuckle boom cranes, the straight boom cranes offer greater rotation. This means that the operators are capable to move loads to the desired location without putting to much effort. 
  1. Superior Durability – The straight boom cranes are well-protected from abrasion, because the main components and the cylinders are hidden inside the body. This lowers the maintenance costs and prolongs the life span of the crane.