7 Reasons To Use Liebherr Cranes

Did you know that Liebherr cranes were used for the construction of the tallest building in the world? The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is the first building structure that is over 1,000 meters. For this massive construction project, the Liebherr cranes were the key players. Contractors around the world chose Liebherr because this brand offers reliable and highly efficient lifting solutions.

Liebherr is a reputable manufacturer, known for its durable, reliable and powerful lifting machines. This German giant presented its first crane on the market in 1949. Today, Liebherr offers a powerful line of cranes, earth moving equipment, mining equipment, material handling equipment, machine tools, refrigerators, and concrete handling equipment as well. For more than 40 years, the Liebherr cranes have been a number one choice for many contractors, and here is why:


High Quality – For most contractors, the sign “Made in Germany” says a lot. Liebherr cranes are built to last. Durability and reliability is guaranteed with this brand. Liebherr cranes are powerful enough to complete various construction tasks. These cranes can lift and move heavy loads and materials with ease.

Superior Design – Liebherr is known for its fast erecting cranes, top-slewing cranes, lifting-jib cranes, mobile cranes and special-purpose cranes. All Liebherr cranes come with superior design.

They come with advanced and innovative features, ensuring in this way optimum performance, increased comfort and operator satisfaction.

Durability – This is probably the biggest benefit. All Liebherr cranes are made to handle heavy loads safely and easily. These cranes have outstanding load capacity and great hook heights. The Liebherr cranes are worthy investment. What makes Liebherr so popular brand, is the solid and highly durable cranes that can lift even the most complicated loads.

Great Lift Capacity – The Liebherr cranes are considered as some of the most economic and compact lifting machines capable of handling even the toughest lifting tasks. As stated at the beginning of this text, these powerful lifting machines were used for the construction of the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia.

Increased Comfort – Excellent maneuverability and superior comfort is another advantage of the Liebherr cranes. The cabins are ergonomically designed to ensure greater comfort for the operators. Furthermore, the engineers at Liebherr included ergonomically designed control panel and display in the cabins to reduce the operator’s fatigue.

Long Telescopic Boom – The Liebherr cranes have the longest telescopic boom in the world. For example, the LTM 1200-5.1 model comes with a 72-meter-long telescopic boom.

High Return On Investment – If you are looking for a fast return on your investment, then consider the Liebherr cranes. These powerful machines will increase your business profitability in a short period of time.