Reasons To Choose Low Loader Trailer


Transportation of heavy items and materials is a big concern in the warehousing, construction and food-processing industry. However, there are many transportation solutions these days, as the demand for advanced and quick transportation methods, solutions and vehicles is always high in the load transportation industry. Many traditional transportation vehicles are unable to handle some specific and over-sized materials. Therefore, the transportation companies choose the low loader trailer.

The low loader trailer is not a new transportation unit, but it has reached its popularity-peak over the recent years. The low loader trailers, or also known as semi-trailers, have been used since the mid 1920s, but the early low loader trailers were quite different from the low loader trailers which are used today. The deck height of the modern low loader trailers has been decreased significantly in order the trailer to be capable to load and carry loads as low as 30cm, which is impossible for the regular trailers.

With capacities ranging from 100 to over 1000 tonnes, there are low loader trailers designed for transportation of materials with different weights. So, selecting the right low loader trailer for a particular industry is more difficult than it might seems. Here are the most common reasons why the low loader trailers are a better option than all conventional trailers:

  • Unique Features: Compared to the conventional trailer, the low loader trailer is equipped with unique features. For example, the suspension of the low loader trailers varies from the simplest one which is difficult to control, to the most advanced and easy to operate suspension which is a bit more expensive. Also, the height of the trailer is adjustable to suit each operation most efficiently. Another unique feature is the high-quality metal structure.
  • Versatility: From lightweight hays to extremely heavy construction machines, the low loader trailer can be used for transportation of different goods and supplies. It is available in two options: with a folding and with a fixed gooseneck. For light weight, a low loader trailer with a fixed gooseneck is more suitable. For heavy weights, one with a hydraulic gooseneck may be a better choice. However, each one can be used for transportation of many different loads.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The users of the low loader trailers recognize the advantages in terms of low costs and increased transportation efficiency. The trailers can be easily attached to all types of trucks or special-purpose vehicles and can be used immediately. Less time and less effort result in less operating costs.