Reasons To Buy Used Cranes For Sale In Australia

Having a piece of heavy-duty machine that is able to lift and maneuver extremely heavy loads and objects on a job site is very beneficial for any construction business. This lifting machine is known as a crane and consists of cables, a boom, pulleys, a hoist and other components. Cranes make the work on construction job sites much easier and much more efficient in terms of labour cost and timely completion of various lifting tasks. But before buying one of all the used cranes for sale Australia market offers, there are few factors you must consider. Here are few questions that will help you make a better-used crane purchase.


Is the manufacturer still operating?

Many crane manufacturers have gone out of business because it is not easy to remain competitive on the market. It is important to buy a crane from a manufacturer that is still operating because that’s the only safe way of ensuring there are replacement parts for your unit. Older crane models are more robust and have a design that features standard industry components, which are easy to find. However, keep in mind that most models do not use standard crane parts.

What are my responsibilities as an owner of a used crane?

Once you buy a used crane, you will probably need to make some modifications. Most used cranes for sale Australia require major mechanical modifications, so choose wisely. If the used crane is very old, the box girders will be probably riveted – more difficult to modify, as well as the arch beam type on patent track design will be unsafe. Once all modifications are properly done, your crane will be safe to operate.

What is the right capacity for my application?

Bigger is not always better. Having the right capacity for your application will not only make you more productive, but may also save you money. There are some additional costs you need to consider. For example, if your crane is heavier, it requires a larger runway and footings to support the total weight. Also, every replacement part of bigger crane is larger and more expensive.

Are you sure you don’t want a warranty?

If you buy one of the used cranes for sale Australia suppliers offer, you are not getting a warranty. In rare cases, you may find a used crane that comes with a warranty, but in most cases, there is no warranty included. New cranes come with multiple-year warranties on the bigger parts and some even on the non-wear parts. If you invest in a used crane, you need to be prepared and willing to pay for the replacement parts yourself. Therefore, make sure you ‘test drive’ the crane before you make the purchase.