Mystery, Romance and God: 3 reasons to read Unspoken by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson, is an outstanding and famous writer of fiction novels. With 14 best-selling inspirational romantic suspense novels, she has won many prestigious awards, such as National Readers’ Choice Award, Christy Award, Golden Quill, and Holt Medallion.

The mysterious book Unspoken is one of Dee’s best-sellers. It has captivated the hearts of many readers around the world, as the combination of intrigue and romance has proven to be the recipe to great success. The author puts emphasis on the importance of a good relationship with your partner and with God through the character of Charlotte Graham.


Bad things happen all the time but…

Charlotte Graham is at the center of the most famous kidnapping in Chicago history. She was kidnapped at the age of 16 and held hostage for four long years. She was only three miles away from home the whole time, and this is what haunts her family and makes the mysterious book Unspoken even more dramatic. Fortunately, the poor girl was found and rescued by the cops who brought her home safely. However the question that rises is, how safe she feels after this horrifying experience?

She feels miserable and decides to never tell anyone what really happened there and to keep the terrible secret to herself.

Faith is your savior

This mysterious book Unspoken addresses all those people who went through similar experiences, conveying the message that it is important to stay open during the whole process of healing. Keeping everything to yourself and closing the door to your loved ones and God, will only make it worse. This book portrays the broken relationship between Charlotte and God. She is mad at him for allowing things like that to happen to her. However, no matter how hard it is, life has to go on. Have faith in yourself and believe that you can overcome anything in this world. And it will, if you believe in God. At the end, you will realize that God has to break you in order to build you, as hard times only make us stronger.

Love heals everything

The mysterious book Unspoken would not have been so perfect if love was not involved. Charlotte tries to keep her privacy to herself and decides to stay single for the rest of her life. However, nothing goes as planned. She sells all of her grandmother’s coins to a man named Bryce to keep her privacy. After this, Bryce becomes interested in her and her past and seems to really like her. A romance is born between Charlotte and Bryce. Charlotte becomes torn between her feelings towards him and her secret.

The author wants to show us that love can conquer all the bad things that can happen in life. Only faith and love can bring Charlotte back to life. God sends Bryce to help her overcome the hard times she is going through and to find consolation in love.