11 Reasons Working Moms Rock

With the Mother’s Day approaching, all the attention is already focused on mothers. Truth be told, mothers really deserve it! And not only on the second Sunday of May, but every single day!


I personally use this holiday as a chance to express my gratitude to my mother. There are many things I’m grateful for, but to put them all down in words will take me a week, or even more. So, I’ll focus on the most important life lesson my mother taught me – working mums rock!

It is because of her that I have high respect for full-time working mums. And this is helping me succeed on both personal and professional front. Thanks to her, I enjoy the satisfaction of both parenting and working. Here are my 11 facts that prove working mums rock!

1. Working Mums Are Role Models For Their Children

Let’s be straightforward, what defines our lives are the things we’ve learned from our parents. Seeing my mum coming home from work tired, but still with enough strength and energy to perform home tasks and chores, is the proof that everything in life is possible. No matter what the obstacles on your journey are, you can always achieve your goals.

2. My Financial Contribution Means Better Today And Tomorrow For My Kids

Not only does my paycheck satisfies my personal needs and ‘wants’, but it also helps me ensure a better life for my children.

3. I’m Free To Make My Own Decisions

This is one of the benefits that come with being financially independent. I don’t feel guilty when I splurge on a pair of new shoes, a handbag or a piece of cloth. I love the fact that I do not owe explication to anybody about how I spend the money.


4. My Kids Have The Chance To Become Independent Early

Being a possessive mum is NOT good for your children. Over-parenting is a huge mistake. It negatively affects your kids’ mental health in the long run. Believe me, your kids really need you to be absent to learn to be independent and to understand that mommy and daddy will not always be there to do things for them.

5. Working Mums Are Far More Self-Confident Than The Stay-At-Home Mums

I can’t imagine spending my days dressed in my husband’s baggy shirts. Yes, it’s true when all you do is cooking, washing dishes and changing diapers, you have no time nor pay attention to your looks. That’s why working mums rock. They are concerned with their outer appearance and make sure they always look tip-top.

6. I Enjoy Adult Interaction

Being a stay-at-home mum means you spend most of your time with your kids. What I missed most during my maternity leave was the interaction with adults. Simply put, I missed the dose of office gossip, sharing thoughts with my colleagues and talking about reports, customers and current events regarding work.

7. Working Mums Enjoy A Happier Marriage

According to many studies, in marriages where both partners work, the marital satisfaction is higher than in the marriages where only one of the spouses has a full-time job. Being focused on something other than home, and the absence of a financial pressure are the two important segments that contribute to a successful and happy marriage.


8. Being A Working Mum Gave Me An Opportunity To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Staying at home until kids start school is not good for your career. Staying out of game on a professional front means that your knowledge will decrease, and so will tour salary and value in the workforce. Starting all over again, for most women is not-so-easy challenge. Staying ahead of the game is what empowered me the most in my career. If you ask me, with so many opportunities available today, it’s a real pity for a young woman, especially with a good educational background, to spend her time as a housewife.

9. Daycare Is Great For Your Children

Studies have shown that kids who go to daycare are less likely to experience emotional problems. Moreover, a quality daycare will give your kids an opportunity to grow; help develop better behavior habits; help improve social skills, cognitive, verbal and motor skills.

10. You Will Be Personally Fulfilled

Considering your children as your only goal is bad. Not only for you, but for your children as well. Being unable to spend some time alone is what defines the lives of most stay-at-home mums. This is why they feel unfulfilled.

11. Working Mums Are Happy Mums!

Studies have shown that working mums are less likely to suffer from depression. Working is good for your mental health. After all, what are the chances of your kids being happy if you are not? Good question to think about. I’m sure you already know the answer.

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