Reasons To Buy Cat6 Cable

cat6 cable

With increased speeds online, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to make sure their networks are operating at peak effectiveness. In other words, to ensure data transfer at high speed, companies are using Cat6 cables s which are slightly more high-tech than the cat5, and have more benefits. Cat6 cables work best when all computers and related accessories in a network work at gigabit speed. Also, they are ideal for building a new network. The Cat6 cables were first introduced in the early 2000s, and are now widely replacing the cat5 cables. Here are few reasons why buy cat6 cable.

Speed – The structure of the Cat6 cables is very similar to the Cat5 and Cat5e cables – it consists of eight wires curled together forming four pairs. Unlike Cat5 cables, the Cat6 cables have separators that prevent each wire pair from getting into contact with each other. This helps create faster bandwidth which is why Cat6 cables are capable of speeds up to 1Gigabit unlike the Cat5 cables.

Scalability – With Cat6 cables your network installation will be scalable as your business grows. To take full advantage of the Cat6 cables, all your network devices must to be upgraded. Of course, you can slowly upgrade your network, but buy cat6 cable today.

Compatibility – The Cat6 cables are compatible with the Cat5 cables. Simply said, Cat6 cables can be used anywhere Cat5e cables are being used.

Future Use – If your intention is to fully upgrade your network, then buy cat6 cable. As mentioned above, you may not get the full capabilities until all units are upgraded to handle gigabit speeds, but know that cat6 cables are the new industry standard.

There are many advantages of using Cat6 cables. If you are moving to a new office or thinking about upgrading your network, it is recommended to buy cat6 cable instead of Cat5 cabling. For more information, browse online and buy cat6 cable.