Reasons Automatic Transmission Is Unique


Whether you choose to buy a car with manual or automatic transmission, know that both will accomplish the same thing, but in different ways. These days more and more people decide to go with the automatic transmission, because of unique benefits. Instead of shifting gears all the time when driving, with the automatic transmission car, you do not have to worry about this. What makes the automatic transmission cars so unique is the fact that they are more fuel efficient and easier to drive. However, this does not mean automatic cars are not prone to repairs, thus it is essential to visit an automatic transmission service Melbourne shop to ensure the transmission is in top condition.

  • Without a transmission a car would be limited to only one gear ratio and a speed of 80 mph. With the help of the transmission, vehicles have various range of speeds that are easily applied while driving. What makes automatic transmission unique is the fact that it uses the same set of gears as the manual transmission to produce different gear ratios on its own. If you experience problems with the gears, you need to visit a reputable automatic transmission service Melbourne shop to properly fix the problem before it causes more expensive repairs.
  • Taking your car to an automatic transmission services Melbourne shop, will not only save money on costly repairs, but will also prolong the life of your car. Without properly working automatic transmission, the car has no value. Another thing that makes automatic transmission special is the torque converter, unlike the manual where a clutch is used. The purpose of the torque is to connect and disconnect the engine power to the driven load.
  • In order to have more than one gear, the automatic transmission uses torque that consists of an impeller, a turbine, a stator and a lock-up clutch. The function of the torque is to drive forces on a fluid, thus the transmission fluid flows in circle between the impeller and the turbine. The stator, however sits between the turbine and impeller and minimizes the churning loses. By directing the fluid, the stator helps the impeller move, where as the one-way clutch enables a proper connection between the turbine and the impeller consequently. All of these components provide multiple gears you use when driving.
  • The torque converter present in automatic transmission cars is in charge of driving the transmission fluid pump. The pressure activates the clutches and the brakes in the planetary gear set, in order to change gears. This is what makes the automatic transmission unique.
  • Whether you need to fix some serious automatic transmission problem or change the transmission fluid, rely on the automatic transmission services Melbourne shop to get the job done. If any automatic transmission part fails to work properly, take your car to an automatic transmission services Melbourne shop for inspection.