Reasons For Using Luffing Jib Crane

The crane is a lifting machine that is heavily used in many industry sectors like: construction, mining, forestry, transportation, cargo and in many manufacturing facilities for lifting heavy weight loads and materials. There are many different crane models on the market, and each one has own unique specifications and configurations. From small portable cranes to much larger tower cranes, there is a crane for every task that involves lifting operations. One particular crane that is widely used at the construction sites all over Australia is the luffing jib crane. This crane is very popular because it is capable to complete difficult tasks, like lifting heavy items and transporting them from one location to another at the construction site. You can find luffing jib cranes for sale at reliable and reputable suppliers that offer cranes and other heavy construction machines.


The luffing jib crane offers many advantages and benefits when compared with other crane models. A luffing jib crane is generally used for large construction projects where high precision, safety and higher lifting capacity is required. It provides outstanding reach and requires less space for slewing movements and motions. This is a special advantage provided by the luffing jib crane, especially if several cranes are included at the same time on the construction site. The main features and benefits of the luffing jib cranes for sale are:

  • Powerful lifting machine especially designed to provide excellent performance at the construction site.
  • Built in safety features and less maintenance required when compared with other crane models.
  • Ergonomic cabins that provide high comfort for the operators.
  • Fixed and mobile counterweight for stability and superior performance

Most luffing jib cranes for sale are deigned to work with their jibs raised when used for construction of tall buildings and other massive structures like bridges, water dams, etc. These lifting machines are also capable to reduce the mast height that is required for clearing the building. Additionally, several luffing jib cranes can be used at once at the construction site for maximized hook time. This is very important for sites where large quantities of heavyweight loads need to be lifted and moved from one location to another. Because the luffing jib cranes require less space for lifting operations, they can be used at construction sites with limited entrance access. For more information, browse online for available luffing jib cranes for sale.