Reasons to Buy an Auto Hose Reel

If you have to deal with a hose on a frequent basis, regardless of whether that’s in your home’s garden or at your workplace, then you probably know how inconvenient the hose can be if it just snakes around the floor. For that reason, a lot of people who frequently deal with hoses (whether that’s for home improvement tasks, washing their vehicle, or anything in between), decide to invest in hose reels just so they can have safer and cleaner work

Nobody can deny the functionality that a hose brings to a garden or any work space that requires cleaning with using some serious pressure, but there’s also no denying that hoses lack a stand-alone host and ergonomics. Auto hose reels remove the typical inconveniences that come with handling a hose. For instance, if your hose houses auto hose reels you won’t have to deal with a tangled and intertwined hose ever again. That alone removes most of the safety hazards that may come with it, so you can keep walking around and working with a peace of mind, without having to worry about the hose getting in your way.

But not all reels are made the same – in fact, there are various different models that vary depending on how they’re mounted, what type of use they’re intended for (light vs heavy-duty), etc. Heavy-duty models will typically be more expensive, as the housing will be ruggedly made with more reliable, durable, and quality materials.

Additionally, some hose reels come with a hose, while others don’t. In order to ensure compatibility between the hose and the reel, you might want to consider getting a reel that comes with a hose. This not only ensures the hose fits entirely and properly, but you also ensure that the retractable feature works accordingly. Moreover, some reels will have a handle for portability, so if you need to move the reel a bit a handle can come in very handy.

Furthermore, some reels are made of materials that have rust, corrosion and weather resistant properties, making them ideal for heavy-duty outdoor use under tough weather conditions. The reel may also have a spring rewind mechanism that allows for easy re-tensioning and trouble-free operation without having to remove the reel casing.

Last but not least, you should consider the reel’s mounting mechanism. There are some mounting methods which are compatible with particular setups, while being incompatible with others. Some mounting methods however, work with every setup possible. The most common places where reels can be mounted are the wall, the ceiling, or the floor.