No Reason Not to Play: Build Your Own RC Car Kits for RC Enthusiasts

RC car parts

Radio waves definitely changed the way the world works  -from broadcasting the news and listening to the newest hit single they are literally all over the place. So much so, that as early as 1966 the first RC car was made. Although there were gas-powered model cars available in 1946, they couldn’t be controlled through radio waves. Instead, they would just run laps tied to a pole or on a track on lanes with raised edges. Throughout the years, different types of RC cars were made which changed the course of this hobby but one thing stayed the same.
Both model cars and RC racing cars are present to this day. You could say that model cars came before RC cars which like model cars were mainly used for racing. Model cars have become more of a trophy collection and a hobby nowadays and like RC racing there are some solid reasons why you’d enjoy building RC cars. But how can you build RC car?

How To Build A RC Car

Maintenance RC car

What’s Needed

Building an RC model car in today’s day and age usually means assembling it. This is possible thanks to an RC kit. RC kits contain every component and all the hardware you need to build your own RC car. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need other equipment. Tools such as a sprue cutter, glue,  sanding sticks and tweezers. Depending on the skill level the kit is made for you could also need spray paint, a mask, decals, masking tape and thinner.


1. First you need to start by cutting the thick plastic material for the chassis of the car. This usually 7.6 x 17 cm piece needs to have two 2 x 3cm rectangles, one on each side with about 2 cm of space around the front of the chassis. The space at the sides is usually enough for the wheels to turn freely. 
2. Next, you usually need to cut three pieces of plastic measuring 3.8 x 3.8 cm each shaped like the letter “L”. Glue three pieces together and then another three and let them dry.
3. Once the plastic pieces have dried off and you’ve stacked them properly, remove the wheels from the sprue and insert a nail in the centre of the front wheels through the middle of the hinge. Do the same for the rear wheels and put bolts to the bottom of each hinge to keep them attached to the chassis.
4. Measure the distance between each wheel hinge and cut plastic pieces to those dimensions. Then make a small hole into the back of the hinges lined up with the plastic. After that get the servo and glue it behind the steering system. 
5. Then attach the motor(s) to the back of the tires, slide the wheels onto the motor(s) and secure them. Follow the provided instruction on where to place the receiver, battery and controller before you connect the motor(s). Make sure to glue them first where the manual intends for you to do so and then connect them. Lastly, test the controls of the vehicle with the controller and apply the paint and decals as the final step of the whole process. 

The Benefits of Building an RC Model Car

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Stress Release

This hobby is something that will keep your mind busy for hours on end. This way you won’t have to worry what’s happening at work or any other issues you have in your life and let your mind go off with the ferries. You can relax and focus at the same time when assembling model cars.

Good For the Brain

When you build your own RC car you use enough brainpower to help you solve the issue at hand without being as tough. Building RC cars is known to improve your hand-eye coordination which is how you respond to what you see. Since you assemble model cars by hand this is why it’s called hand-eye coordination which is extremely important for everyday tasks.

Instant Rewards

You get instant gratification when you assemble a part that’s been a bit of a challenge for you. Being one step closer tot he final look motivates you to do more and when you’re done there’s nothing that can match the way you feel after you’ve spent quite a bit of time building your model car of choice.

Making a Collection

You can end up building so many model cars in the future and thus make your own personal collection. Just by looking at a model RC car, you’ll be reminded of the time you spend assembling it and the challenges you went through when doing so.


When building model cars or even aeroplanes (especially older ones) you get to learn more about them and their history. You’ll get to hear or read some amazing stories of how the real-life vehicle was made whilst building a replica of it.