Encourage Creative Play with Le Toy Van Toys

Kids are drawn to toys, that’s no news. Toys are not only entertaining but also play a big role in children’s development. Different types of toys help kids develop social interacting skills, motor skills, science, help them in cognitive development, etc. There are also a few good reasons to buy educational toys for your children as they can teach them a lot.

Kids Playing with Le Toy Van Toys

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Choosing the proper educational toys for your kid is important, but it’s also important for the toys to be built with safety and quality in mind. Generally, wooden toys are regarded to be the safest for children. When talking about wooden toys it’s inevitable not to mention Le Toy Van – a world-famous wooden toy brand that has won the hearts of kids from all around the globe.

Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van is an English family-oriented company that has been producing imaginative and traditional wooden toys for 25 years now. Their toys are designed in such a way to encourage development and are packed with layers of discovery for the young, growing imaginations. Le Toy Van wooden toys have a plethora of benefits as they come in different weights, sizes, shapes, and textures.

Le Toy Van toys are made from sustainable, tactile Rubberwood. Their wood comes from sustainable forests, and they support the local farmers and their communities, pledging to replant and replace what is going to become beautiful toys. All their toys are handmade and produced only at certified ethical factories with which they provide a lot of career opportunities and services for many local families.

Girl Playing with Le Toy Van Toys

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Why Are Wooden Toys Better?


As sustainable toys are made from renewable, natural materials, the manufacturing process doesn’t pollute the environment, release carbon or greenhouse gases. Plus, these toys are biodegradable, therefore they can be recycled. If we want to provide the following generations with a healthy, green, and peaceful future, sustainability and looking after the natural world is essential. You, as a parent who is constantly buying toys for their children, can have a huge impact on the support for initiatives towards conservations and sustainability.

Offer Educational Qualities

Giving kids wooden toys to play with will nurture their creativity. This is especially important for children and infants who are suffering from learning disabilities as wooden toys require children to use their own imagination to play. There are numerous types of toys that you can choose from that can interact with your child, including puzzles, building blocks, miniature constructing sets, and many others. They help children with numeracy, literacy, problem-solving and motor skills. Also, wooden toys help children exercise their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination (as opposed to plastic toys that only require pressing buttons and watching). In addition, wooden toys don’t have electronic parts or voice commands that may instruct your child on what to do, and this will allow them to use their imagination and invent new ways of playing with them.


Any parent’s prime concern when buying toys for their kids is safety. Wood is undoubtedly the safest material for making children toys, as children tend to stick everything in their mouth. Wooden toys are strong and sturdy and aren’t likely to break and leave sharp edges and small parts that can be very dangerous for kids. It’s very important to always double-check the safety of the toys you buy for your kid.

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Durable & Long-Lasting

We all know that kids aren’t exactly gentle when playing with toys. Plus, it seems like they never place their toys back inside the toy box. They’re rather spread all over the living room floor, hiding in the back garden, or you can find a few stuck in-between the couch cushions. You can’t really do much about this reckless behaviour when they’re very young, but you can certainly buy toys that can withstand rough treatments. Wooden toys are hard to break and can handle the natural wear and tear for a long time. Because of their long life span, wooden toys can be passed on to younger siblings, relatives, or friends.

Promote Social Interaction

In the world that we live in, children are introduced to technology from an early age, especially to mobile phones, computers and tablets. Playing games on these gadgets can often be a solitary activity for children. Wooden toys, in turn, can foster interaction with other kids, thus promote sharing and teamwork. The simplicity of wood allows for role-playing and world-building (meaning creating imaginary communities, towns, and so on) and as a result, can aid spatial and social awareness.

In addition, these toys are naturally devoid of any possibility of sound or interaction in themselves. This allows them to engage their own voices and sound effects in collaboration with other kids. However, this past year not many children gather to play together due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and now more than ever kids are focused on playing computer games. So, if you can’t go out and buy your kids new toys that will entertain them, you can always choose to buy toys online.