Reasons to Double Check the Safety of the Toys You Buy for Your Kid

Toys play a very important role in the development of children. Apart from being fun, by playing with them, children are introduced to the world and its surroundings. It can be said that toys are an inevitable part of everyone’s childhood. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the toys to be safe to use. There are many cases of injuries and even death that have occurred due to playing with unsafe toys, so choosing the appropriate toys for the kids is the moral responsibility of every parent. There are a lot of reasons and guidelines regarding why you should check the safety of the kid toys for sale, and here are the most important ones.


To begin with, the most common mistake parents do when choosing a toy is forget to take into consideration the age recommendations given by the manufacturer. The small parts of the toys can easily cause choking, so if there is a warning that the toy mustn’t be used by kids under 3 years, the label must be respected. That being said, there is a simple rule of thumb that toys should be large enough so that they can’t be swallowed or lodged in the windpipe. You can even test the toys prior to buying with a test tube, where you insert the toy inside the tube and if it fits that means that is not appropriate for a young child. A toilet paper roll will also do the job if a small-part tester is not available.

Marbles, coins, balls and games with balls or magnets that are 4.4 cm in diameter or less are another choking hazard because they can get stuck in the throat. Balloons can seriously harm the kid if he/she swallows it, so you should never allow the kid to suck or chew on unused, popped of inflated balloons. Also, you should avoid styrofoam materials such as egg cartons, packing materials and food containers as they are a choking hazard as well.


Apart from choking, unsafe toys can cause strangulation, so you should stay away from toys with strings, cord or ribbons longer than 15 cm. Next, be careful with the battery-operated toys as batteries and battery fluid can cause internal bleeding and chemical burns. Moreover, broken toys should be thrown away immediately because broken, sharp or loose pieces can cut the child. Too loud toys are also not a good idea, as they can damage the child’s hearing.

For all these reasons, you should be very careful when you buy a toy. Always opt for safe and eco-friendly kid toys for sale in order to have your kid enjoy the toys to the fullest. You can follow the additional next few guidelines too so you can be sure you have made the right choice for the sake of your child’s safety. Firstly, choose toys that are well-made. This means checking whether everything is in place and there aren’t any loose parts or easy to break parts. Next, always go for non-toxic, lead-free toys that the child can’t peel. If you notice that phthalates are used in the production of the toys as well as cadmium, mercury and arsenic, don’t consider buying them. Another important thing (especially when buying stuffed toys) is to look for fire retardant as well as washable materials.

All in all, toys should be the synonym of a happy and carefree childhood. They should make the kid cheerful, investigative and boost their development. Only by choosing the safe and proper toys you can open a world of possibilities for your kid to meet the world properly.