Poppers: Common Questions Answered

So many of us already know what poppers are, but there are a lot of things that we don’t really understand and there are also a lot of questions that go unanswered. Some of these questions may include things like: What are exactly poppers? How are they used? What are the effects? And where do I buy poppers? These are all things that we will cover below and much, much more. If you want the answers to these questions then keep on reading.

So the first most common questions would definitely be what is a popper and what is in it. A popper is a liquid that you inhale the fumes of – this is something most people already know. They are also mostly made up of different kinds of alkyl nitrates, these days the most common being isopropyl nitrate and isobutyl nitrate, but when they first appeared, most of them consisted only amyl nitrite. If you are not sure what these substances are, you can easily do some online research that will go more in depth.

Taking Poppers

So you’re probably wondering what poppers will actually do to you, well they make you feel a little light headed and dizzy. Also, they give you a warm all over kind of feeling, especially in the face area. Another effect that is known when using poppers is arousal and increased sexual pleasure which is what made them popular to begin with. They really do make intercourse a whole lot better, the reason for this is that they really loosen up all your involuntary muscles. This includes muscles in the throat, vagina, or rectum making intercourse an overall more pleasant experience.

So the next thing you are probably wondering if you are interested is where do I buy poppers? Well, most adult stores do have a few bottles lying around, but if you are really embarrassed to ask for them, well then you can easily find great retailers online so you can get them delivered straight to your door and no one will have to know. You should also note that there are different kinds of poppers and they all go by different names. There isn’t much of a difference between them but they do maybe effect you slightly differently just like different alcohols do. Poppers can really make things in the bedroom fun so why not consider trying it today to see for yourself.

As for the side effects, there aren’t any major ones that you should be worried about. It is completely normal to feel a bit dizzy since poppers also dilates your blood vessels. The only real side effect you might feel is a headache but it usually passes pretty quickly. It is however advised to not be mixed with Viagra. They both have mild effects on your blood pressure, so using them both at the same time could possibly lead to heart attack. If you decide you want to try poppers, just try to avoid mixing it with any other medications just to be safe altogether.