Parking Lot Management: Reasons & Tips for Organization


Each and every one of us has experienced the horror of being stuck in traffic and ending up being late for work regardless whether that has been due to some obnoxious driver, or poor traffic regulation. However, in most cases your boss won’t really care about the reason why you’re late for work, but for the fact that you’re late, and will most probably scold you for that. Believe it or not, the most frustrated I’ve ever been was not because of the chaos on the roads, but because of the chaos in the parking lots. If you’re a parking lot operator and are getting sick and tired of all the chaos in the parking lot you’re working at, it’s time to do something about it.

Drivers don’t want to leave their cars in a parking lot that looks like a dumpster, so keeping it clean should be one of your top priorities. There are many ways you could improve the parking experience of your customers, so make sure to take a few simple steps towards the right direction. Not only will this make your regular customers happy, but you will potentially attract much more new customers.

First off, pay attention to cracks. If you find even the smallest of cracks in the asphalt – make sure to find someone who can fix it. Over time vehicle traffic and inclement weather will make them worse and you’ll want to repair them before they do any damage to the vehicles of your customers. Address current cracks and check the parking lot on weekly basis for any new ones.

Next, consider implementing traffic lights. They can be a lifesaver when rush hour hits as the mess made on the entrance of the parking lot will cost you nerves and money. You can control the traffic lights from the inside of your cabin, using traffic light controllers, which is super convenient. Traffic lights for parking lots come in either 1 or 2 aspects, making regulation from the traffic light controllers extremely simplistic. So even if you are older and don’t really know how to operate with advanced technology, you will have no troubles operating them for sure.

And lastly, make it accessible for people with handicaps. Even though your business is open to everyone, some people may feel discriminated or left out if there’s no easy access and reserved spots for them in your parking lot. Reserve handicap parking spots in your lot and make sure to install a ramp that leads to the front entrance, if you don’t have one already.