Beast Mode On-Reasons to Fuel Up with a Pre-Workout Supplement

Just like you wouldn’t go on a trip without filling up the fuel tank of your car, same way you shouldn’t even think about working out without having a nutrient-full meal that will help you crash your workout. Add to it your preferred choice of a pre workout supplement and you have the winning combo to enter beast mode while bench pressing, and turn your gains into rock solid muscle.pre-workout-supplement

It seems like there is a huge misconception regarding nutrition that the majority of bodybuilders-wanna-be and intermediate lifters particularly, cannot seem to get right. True, what you consume after working out is of huge importance, but you should not by any means ditch your pre-workout meal or fill your body with a greasy and heavy one that will still be in your stomach while sweating buckets during that heavy set of squats. Being nauseous is not a feeling you’d want to be overwhelmed with while trying to blow some steam.

So what happens when you work out hungry and with low energy levels?

If you are running on an nearly empty stomach, your glycogen stores will be rapidly depleted, which will lead to your body turning to your hard-earned muscles as its following closest source of available energy.

The other reason why you should never ever neglect your pre workout supplement dose and nutritive meal, is because when running on fumes, your endurance capacity and the intensity of your workout will greatly suffer. Consequently, you won’t be able to push yourself to your limits, which in turn will lead to a less-than-stellar performance. Such a bummer, right?

The end result of this inability of yours to perform at your best will be devastating for the growth of your muscles. This means you won’t be able to stimulate your muscle fibres to their breaking point at which they’ll create new scar tissue and a new muscle mass. No wonder why the old adage “make every rep count” has become such popular in the last few years – people are starting to realize the huge importance of supplementation, nutrition and proper form.

Bottom line is, ignoring your pre-workout nutritional regimen and not supplementing your way to achieve the ultimate level of performance, can be the difference between packing on more rock-solid muscle and staying at yet another stubborn growth plateau. I know you have it in you; just make a sound plan and execute it. Go hard or go home!