Organic Textiles: The Reasons to Choose Them

We live in a world of trends, especially those related to the health and well-being and regardless of whether you’re a fan or are already finding them tiring the truth is not all of them are useless and with an expiry date, there are some meant to improve your living.

All-things-organic is one of these trends and while you may have given organic foods a try, if you want to reap all the benefits an organic lifestyle has to offer you have to start thinking of the bigger scope, including making changes with the fabrics and textiles you choose for the bedding, towels and of course the clothing you wear.


One of the ideal choices as a replacement for chemical-based synthetics is bamboo, and the best part is there are many options you can choose from nowadays, from bamboo double sheets king, queen and single size, varying in colours, and then the wide range of stylish and practical towels, bathrobes, underwear and clothes.

Though we think pesticides are only found in food they can also be found in the textiles which isn’t the case with the organic alternative because it’s all in the manufacture and you shouldn’t take this for granted since these are items that your skin is regularly in touch with.

Apart from not being treated with harsh chemicals, items like the bamboo double sheets prove to be great for the skin because bamboo’s natural properties are moisture-wicking, breathability and thermoregulation along with the luxurious softness. Other than this, organic items are made from highly renewable sources as is the case with bamboo and hemp.


Likewise, when you choose to implement organic fabrics in your life, you actually help support organic farming, further helping the environment and spreading the awareness by supporting sustainability. Then there’s the fact you also ensure textiles and garment workers’ safety since there are no toxic pesticides or dyes that put health at risk to handle during the manufacture.

If these reasons weren’t enough think about the aspect of waste; even if you aren’t up for reusing, organic items can be recycled and then reused so you help cut down waste by this prudent purchase.

Since organic fibres aren’t grown same way as the conventionally grown there are no toxic chemicals in the water, soil or air as a result which means by choosing to buy organic you do your share in cutting down the carbon footprint and consequently you take part in the fight against global warming.

Furthermore, you could spread the word with family and friends once you’ve started reaping the benefits and treat everyone with organic textile gifts!