Mature Women Fashion: How to Dress If You Are Petite?

Who says that petite women in their 50s can’t be stylish and sexy?! Although many of you presume that being older means losing the sense of style, these days a lot of women can prove you wrong. Except for being fashionable, today’s women are trying really hard to embrace their age, wrinkles and grey hair which is something that makes them more confident and powerful.

This goes especially to shorter mature women, as pretty often they feel insecure about their height. Being able to show off their style is something all of them should do, and luckily these days it’s pretty easy to do that. By following some general guidelines regarding the height and body type, petite women can easily turn into fashion icons.

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According to fashion designers, petite women should look for clothing that can make them appear taller and pieces that can flatter their silhouette. According to them, wearing monochromatic outfits with one or two colour variations would be the perfect strategy for appearing leaner and taller. For example, petite women would look incredibly stylish by wearing simple shift midi dresses for over 50s with some colour accent. Pairing a pencil skirt with a sweater and peep-toe boots or pants with a blazer and a tank top is also a great trick. When matched with some fancy accessories and shoes, these three types of outfits can easily become your all-time-favourite if you are petite.

However, out of all these types of clothes, dresses are the most ideal option for petite mature women because they can instantly make the person appear taller. For example, petite women can look flattering in sheath midi dresses for over 50s as they won’t make them look like Sponge Bob. They can also be paired with some fancy shoes for a little added height. The key to looking stylish and tall is to choose the right size and type of clothes and ones that are perfectly fitted. But let’s not forget about heels, as they are the second crucial detail that can help shorter women look taller.

midi dresses for over 50s 2

Regarding the patterns, petite women should stock themselves with clothes that feature some vertical pattern as they can “add” extra centimetres to the height.

Apart from dresses, petite women over 40 and 50 should also look for high-waist skirts that are just below or on top of the knee as they can make the legs look longer.

Open straight jackets, cardigans and sleeveless blazers can really flatter the figure of mature women over 50s especially when paired with some fancy midi dress or high-waist pants and skirts. When wearing belts, fashion designers recommend choosing ones in the same colour as the skirt or pants.