Gift Ideas for Military Buff Kids

Kids always get little obsessions over the most random things. Sometimes, they are just passing fancies, while others may last for a long time and even prove to be useful for their future. From time to time, this makes it easier for us to buy them gifts. Namely, if you know that your son or daughter, your nephew or niece, your godchild, or a child of anyone close to you loves something so much, it’s easy to pick a gift that you know they’ll love, for their birthday or any other occasion. So, if you are looking for something to buy for a kid that’s a military buff, this can give you some ideas to narrow down your options and choose the perfect gift.

Giving gifts that represent something the child loves is a great way to encourage their individuality without judgment. Sometimes, even if we don’t like our kids’ preferred toys, or if we don’t agree with their obsessions, it’s important to show them our support and understanding for their personal likes and dislikes. This can bring you closer, and develop a closer connection between the two of you, as well as give them more confidence.

Military Figurines

Many kids love military-related toys and plays, whether it’s because someone they know and admire is or was in the military, because of watching movies, or because they have a friend who influenced them. But just because they are kids, and this may be something which they’ll lose interest in soon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get them a valuable military-related gift that they will not only appreciate now, but may become one of their favourite belongings when they grow up.

Almost everybody, even adults, love when they see a miniature version of something existing, something real. This is one of the reasons why figurines are a great choice of gift, and even more so for children. So, for a kid who loves military-related things, you can buy quality army figurines depicting soldiers, historical moments, or army-related objects.
military figurines

This is a great idea for a gift for many reasons. Unlike regular toys, clothes, or other similar gifts we buy for kids, army figurines can be more expensive and valuable. When we are buying presents for someone who is close to us for a special occasion, we often prefer to buy something that will mean to them, but also something that they’d be able to appreciate for a long time.

Military figurines are collectibles, which, as you know, can make them incredibly valuable. So, while they may not be toys per se, military buff kids will love how realistic they are, and will love to have them decorate their room. Even if the child doesn’t end up being a collector, in the future they can have this valuable object that will always remind them of you. They are a great opportunity to teach a child about history, honour, respect, humanity, etc.

Military Plastic Models

If you are buying a present for a younger child, you may want to stick to something they can play with more. Like military figurines, military plastic models are made to scale, meaning they depict real-life objects very realistically. Of course, you can buy military plastic model kits for kids of any age, but if you are on the fence between figurines and models because they offer more activities, they may be the better option for younger kids. They are also a great choice for kids who love building things on their own.

Scale model kits are great to collect and play with as a hobby, for many reasons. They can help boost the child’s cognitive and motor development, they can teach them about responsibility, they can help them get more creative, focused, sociable, teach them about healthy competition, mechanics, building, following instruction, how to plan and cooperate, etc. You can consider them educational toys.
Military Plastic Models

Like similar hobbies, such as building RC cars, scale models are also a great way to bring family and friends together, spend quality time doing a fun activity. Kids often have too many toys, and they can lose interest in them very fast. But just like figurines, plastic models are also collectibles, which can make them very valuable. Moreover, unlike some toys, military plastic model kits can be challenging enough for kids to keep their attention, which will help you keep them focused.

Even though they require building, building plastic models isn’t too hard to pick up. This means that the child won’t get frustrated with a task that’s too difficult for them, and it will also encourage the child and give them confidence, as well as the freedom to be more independent.

Military Puzzles and Board Games

If you think the little military buff you are buying a gift for won’t appreciate valuable miniature soldiers or model tanks or aircraft, or if you like sticking to toys and games, you can always go for puzzles or board games, depending on their age and preferences.
Military Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles are a great way for the kid to spend time alone, developing their hand-eye coordination, focus, problem-solving ability, etc., and they are also a great way to spend time together with your family or friends. The same goes for board games. Board games are a great gift for older kids, and they offer a great opportunity for socialising, as well as learning some important and useful concepts like making a strategy, planning, taking risks, etc.