Reasons to Choose Envy Prodigy Scooter

These days many people are looking for cost-efficient and eco-friendly ways to travel, whether it’s due to fuel prices rising or air pollution taking over the big cities. Transportation is a daunting aspect of everyday life and scooters are some of the trendiest alternatives to cars and public transport.

Whether you live in the city or need a quick ride there, your scooter can help you get to your destination without facing any traffic congestion. Having a scooter is a fun and cool way to reduce dependency on gas stations and get from point A to point B in an easy way, for a daily commute, sport or leisure.

There are many reasons to get a scooter since these days more people are coming to appreciate the essence of scooters for the convenient and eco-friendly transport they offer, but they have been popular in skate parks back in the 1980s and 1990 and even though it seems like the skate parks culture is somewhat gone, the truth is that the sport is still alive and kicking. One of the coolest scooters these days is the Envy Prodigy scooter Australia freestyle riders enjoy and here is what you need to know about it.

Envy Prodigy Scooters: What’s All the Fuss About?

great design Envy Prodigy Scooters

When Blunt Scooters started in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2009, the scooter industry was still young and only a few brands were providing scooters to an ever-growing crew of young riders. Blunt Scooters was making aftermarket parts to fit the complete, already existing options.

In 2011 some naming issues popped out with the brand’s name in Australia and that’s the time when the ENVY Scooters branding was introduced. However, it was the same, high-quality parts, but with a different name.

Envy/Blunt Scooters has always been known for innovative high-quality parts at an affordable price and continuously pushes the research and development of their products forward for the growth of the scooter industry and the best scooters and parts for the requirement of scooter riders around the world. It has been known as one of the most reliable producers inside the scooter recreation since its beginnings.

Envy Prodigy scooters are some of the most popular models, especially if you want to step up your freestyle riding. You can get an Envy Prodigy scooter Australia retailers offer and enjoy smoother rides. If you are a beginner, getting a complete scooter is a great idea.
However, complete scooters are a good choice for more advanced riders as well are less expensive than building a custom scooter. With a complete scooter, you can start your scooter riding experience or upgrade, regardless of the level you are at. It includes everything you need to hit the street, the skatepark or to start learning new tricks.

Since their beginnings, Envy Scooters have been on a mission to create many of the world’s strongest, most revolutionary freestyle scooters and parts. They have carried it out one more time with the arrival of the 2015 Envy Prodigy Complete model.

If you are looking for an Envy complete scooter at an excellent value, the Envy Prodigy S8 Series is unlike any other pre-built scooters out there and shows how far Envy Scooter design has come. It’s a new direction in the scooter design that Envy has presented to the world. That’s what happens when you hand-select only the best parts and put them together into one piece.

The Series 8 is available in different colours and more importantly, it shows that strength doesn’t always come with a weight disadvantage. However, the low weight doesn’t mean that these scooters were not designed for even the most brutal park riders.

Other Envy Scooters Series to Consider

Envy Series 4 Colt

Envy Scooters

It’s a great choice for beginners who feel it’s time to step up their scooter riding experience to the next level. It may not have all of the same features as a pro-level scooter, but this product expands the range of stunts you can perform. Additionally, you can enjoy the heavy-duty grip tape and with its 110mm wheels, you won’t feel a big change from your typical beginner scooter, which will make the transition much easier. The rubber handlebar grips and the solid metal frame provide easy control and longevity as well.

Envy Series 4 KOS (Heist)

envy series heist scooter

This is rider-influenced series that features high grade 7 aluminium bars ad strong scooter grips that offer durability and optimum grip for street or park scooter riding.

Envy Heist Complete

envy heist complete scooters

The Envy Heist complete scooter is designed for technical riders. It’s lightweight and a great choice if the skate park is your favourite place for scootering.

Envy KOS Series 6 Charge

envy kos scooter

Envy offers a wide assortment of scooter products for all riders out there, but when it comes to this model, it’s intended for the experts. It features wide handlebars with rubber grips for maximum traction and control when the rider needs it the most.

The clamp, fork and deck are perfectly combined to allow for a wide range of motion. Therefore, you can do any tricks you want without any limitations. Also, it’s easy to control and the aluminium deck will last you for many years.

Envy One Complete Pro Scooter

envy one complete pro scooters

This is the perfect scooter for those looking for a high quality complete beginners’ scooter. It features a super-strong bolt that holds both parts of the handlebar together, so it can take you through the learning stages with ease and confidence.

Envy One Series 2 Scooter

man driving envy pro scooter

This is a mid-ranged scooter that will work for riders of all experience levels. It takes on the features of a pro scooter with the ease of use of a beginner scooter.