Feel Confident and Comfortable: Reasons to Mix and Match Your Lingerie

So, ladies, a question to you all: Do we flawlessly match our bras and panties or do we carelessly mix them up? I believe we can agree there are those who always wear a matching underwear set (as my grandma used to say, things happen, you never know who might see you in your underwear) and those who think they have better things to do with their time than care about such trivial things. Whichever group you belong to, you know there are times when we need our upstairs and downstairs coordinated and other times when we just want to feel comfortable and can’t be bothered.

Why Is It Good to Have Matching Underwear?

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This seemingly insignificant detail can have a positive impact on your confidence. The truth of the matter is, matching underwear and bra sets bring a feeling of being put together, make you feel more attractive, and boost your self-esteem and body image. The psychology behind matching underwear says it helps us feel more in control of our appearance and therefore more empowered. Even if it is just your little secret, it somehow puts you in a mindset of being ready to tackle the day. Whether it’s a special occasion or makes you feel good, it’s a form of self-care.

Ways to Match Your Lingerie

• By Colour: This one is the easiest and most obvious. Create a series of underwear and bra sets in a few colours. Some of the must-have colours are black and nude, so make sure you have at least one of each colour bra with three or four pairs of undies that you can rotate. If you like simplicity, get a white set too, and for a fab look, find a red or a purple one. That will certainly make you feel special on a night out.

• By Texture and Fabric: Work with similar textures. Pair a lace top and bottom, or choose pieces from the same fabric, like satin, or silk. Find a common feature that will hold the look together even when there’s more than one colour. This could be an embroidery, a mesh, or something else. 

• By Patters: Pairing the bra and undies with the same pattern is easy, but if it feels like there’s too much going on, then try pairing prints with solid colours. If you have a flower-patterned bra, pick a colour that you like and then find a pair of underwear in the same hue. This way you have plenty of combinations you can rotate and have a fresh look every time. 

Organize Your Underwear Drawer

Now that you have your favourite matching underwear sets, you should try and keep them together because they are no good if you can’t find them when you need them. Even if you already own sets of matching underwear, but they are not well-organized, the chances of actually wearing them together are very slim. Having them scattered in corners of different drawers and various closets means it will take ages to find them. 

So, create a system that works for you, and try to store them together. You can use dividers or small boxes that you can fit in the drawers, or have a separate drawer for bras and another one for panties. If folding is not your strong side, and let’s face it, folding underwear is a pain, just fold them in half or a third and try to place them vertically instead of on top of each other. 

This makes it easier to get to them without ruffling everything up. Don’t forget to declutter occasionally. Items you no longer need, like, or are way past their best condition need to go. There’s no point in keeping pieces that add to the mess but are never used.  

It’s Fun to Mix It Up a Bit

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If you want to go rogue and be bold, then have fun! Matchy underwear is nice but so is playing with different patterns and designs. If you think it’s monotonous to wear the same colour lingerie, then try on a few new combinations and you will see if they make sense to you. Prints, lace, embroideries, patterns, and colours offer plenty of mixing options that can look stunning. Sometimes different colour sets can look gorgeous and playful, and a combination of pieces that have different patterns may prove to be a look that you love. 

If you are a plus-sized girl who wants to stay comfortable in your perfect-fitting bra, then spice it up with some sexy undies. You can try and find plus size bra and panty sets in different styles that you can choose from. Or, if you need to be active and want a soft, cozy pair of bottoms, then dress up the top with some lace. The point is, it’s your choice. And if it makes you feel good, then go for it.

Know Your Size

If haven’t had the best experience with matching plus size underwear sets in the past when one of the pieces fits perfectly but the other is way off, then make sure you try them on first and know your size. Ask for different sizes when possible and don’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of look. I’m sure many of you have bought a set of lingerie and love the bra, but not the knickers. So to avoid this, decide on your preferred style and make your own combinations accordingly, or find a brand that offers different sizes. 

Final Words

I would say both matching and mixing our underwear can be fun and we should all try the other way too. If you always have coordinated underwear, try mixing it up a bit, you might surprise yourself (and your partner). Likewise, if you think you don’t have time for matching your bra and knickers, try getting a couple of sets and see if they make you feel cool and put together. The bottom line is, it’s something you will wear all day, and you need to feel good in it, so go with your personal choice.