Common Tree Disease Symptoms to Be on the Lookout for

The filter of the air we breathe every day is made of millions of trees and if we do not plant more and maintain the existing ones, the quality of the air will be reduced. One of the biggest concerns in today’s day and age is how do we prevent trees from dying out or being infected by various diseases. Spotting a tree disease can be a bit tricky, and for that very reason, in today’s blog post we’ll take a look at some of the most common symptoms that you should pay attention to.

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– Although that’s normal, if you notice grey, white, yellowish or brown mushrooms around the base of the tree or if brownish and yellowish blister spots start to show up underneath the leaves, it’s recommended that you seek help from the professionals and hire a tree disease control service. Another indicator is if the leaves start becoming yellow or pale green and their veins stay green while having a distinct skeleton pattern, or if there’s browning of the leaves that starts from the edge onwards. Small reddish or yellow postulants or bubbles on the underside of the leave should also be on your radar.

– If the branches, cracks, and tree trunk are all oozing sap with a sour smell or if you see an orange or reddish-brown tissue and a complete or partial girdling of the tree trunk. You should also seek professional help if you see branches that have become yellow and are curled up or if you notice that new leaves are puckered, thickened or curled and have a pink, red or yellow colour.

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– If the tree is leaking a reddish-brown substance from the bark or if there’s small yellow foliage with a thin weak crown. If you spot lots of bark beetles, dead branches with small cankers on them and on the tree’s trunk or if you notice extensive defoliation, shoot dieback and twigs dying. If you have evergreen trees immediately seek help from a tree disease control service when you see small black or brown spots on new needle growth or small reddish or yellow bubbles. Pimple-like fungal fruiting structures along the leaf veins and purple or yellow needles on the lower interior branches are also a sign of a tree disease.

– If the flower of the tree starts to wilt, turn brown, and it’s covered with a lot of tiny spores or if small yellow spots start to appear on the upper surface of leaves. If there are a lot of small raised marks or scab on the fruit itself with similar brown scale and scab-like lesions. Small light brown spots of dead tissues found on leaves and dark lesions or indents on branches and rough brown spots underneath the leaves.