3 Reasons to Always Carry a Flashlight


You don’t have to be afraid of the dark to appreciate flashlights. In fact, I carry one with me almost everywhere I go. Unlike most animals, us humans are pretty inefficient in the dark. Hell, I’ve tripped down the stairs a fair amount of times when I tried going down without the lights on. I can’t imagine myself hiking in the woods, camping, or fixing my car in the middle of nowhere without having a light source. Simply put, there are countless reasons to always have a flashlight with you, and here are the most common ones.

Power Outage

As rare as they may be nowadays, power outages still happen every now and then, especially if you live in a remote area, where they can last up to several days. In such cases, moving around your home without a flashlight can be mission impossible. And while you can rely on candles and smartphones to some extent, they simply don’t have the power and efficiency that flashlights do. Smartphone batteries die much faster than flashlight batteries, and candles are not the safest solution out there. That being said, flashlights Australia survival experts suggest, are an extremely valuable piece of equipment for every home. As a matter of fact, I keep one at home and one in my car for when I’m on the road.

Fixing Your Vehicle

As briefly aforementioned, having a flashlight in your car at all times can come in really handy when you’re on the road and your car breaks down. It can be something as simple as a belt slipping off, but without proper vision, you’ll have a hard time seeing that. It doesn’t even have to be dark outside for you to be unable to see under the hood. Loose cables are also a nuisance that you won’t be able to spot without a flashlight.

Emergency Signaling

Say you’re out on a long night hike and you get a leg cramp – you’re in pain and you can’t move, what do you do? Screaming for help might help for someone around to hear you, but a potent flashlight has much more reach. Some flashlights have emergency modes that are easily recognized, and people nearby will hear your call for help easier when they spot the light.

When it comes to buying flashlights Australia stores offer a wide range. All the different types and models feature various different properties which make them applicable in a wide array of situations. The price range is vast, and a flashlight won’t break your bank, while it may prove to be an invaluable tool in times of need.