All the Reasons Why and How You Should Clean Hard-To-Reach Places

cleaning hard

The old addage What you can’t see, can’t hurt you doesn’t really apply when it comes to the state of your home. Sure, you can pretend that the cobwebs behind your furniture simply aren’t there, but the truth is going to come out eventually. In the best case scenario, this will happen when your mum comes to visit. And in the worst – when you or your family start to develop allergic reactions or experience breathing problems.

Because let’s face it, noone should be living in filth, especially if you have children that will crawl and put anything they find in their mouths. Plus, if you spend most of your time indoors, you’ll be breathing in all that dust, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, mould and mildew, which can really make you sick. So, if you want to make your mother proud and make sure your home is a clean and healthy place for everyone, take your time to clean the following hard-(but not impossible)-to-reach places.

High Spots

When was the last time that you looked up? Since it’s very easy to forget what’s out of plain sight, make sure to set weekly reminders to clean all the spots above your head. For ceilings and crown mouldings use a cobweb remover duster with an expendable handle or a long broom to whisk down the dirt. Textured ceilings can amass the largest amount of dust and dirt, and the very surface that makes it stick also makes it hard to remove. To clean textured surfaces, try spraying a bit of cleaning solution on a cobweb duster. When it comes to cabinet tops and tall furniture, use a duster with a pivoting handle so you can easily adjust the angle.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting Fixtures

While you’re up there, check the state of your light fixtures or ceiling fans. If they’re not too high up, you can simply use a cobweb remover duster to clean the dust and spider webs. It’s better to use a cobweb duster rather than a feather duster as it’s made of materials that make the dust stick on it and not get scattered on the floor. And if you must get on a ladder to reach a light fixture, make sure there’s someone else firmly holding it so you don’t slip and fall.

Low Places

While we all know that monsters don’t hide under the bed, if you haven’t cleaned that part in a long time, chances are it has become the home to spiders and dust bunnies. You may be shocked to see what is clinging to bed frames, the bottom of sofas and chairs, and furniture undersides. You can use your vacuum or a long dusting wand to clean up spider webs and eggs, and the dust and grime accumulated there. Also, make sure to pay attention to the baseboards of your walls. An amazing amount of grime and dirt can be accumulated on those tiny ledges, especially in rooms with more humidity such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Air Filters and Vents

If you use central heating, then there is a ductwork that connects the system to all the rooms of your home. The air circulates around the system through the various vents. If the air isn’t properly filtered, dust and pollen particles will simply get blown into your living space. Although there are many types of filters (ranging from cheap to very expensive, if you don’t clean or change them regularly) they won’t be very effective. While you’re changing the filters, you can also take the time to clean the vents as well. If you do this regularly, the air you breathe will be much cleaner and there will be less risk for allergic reactions.