Reasons of using bulk mail for advertising


Bulk mail is a term that we hear quite often these days. It was the use of e-mail that elevated this type for mailing as an internet marketing technique. But even before internet technologies were developed the term “bulk” was used for large quantities of mail prepared for sending at reduced postage. In the business world the definition is “advertising mail or mail used for marketing strategies of your business”. Moreover, this type of mail advertising is being used widely by small and medium companies who are trying to reach a specific targeted audience and expand their market. E-mail is another option where you could use bulk mail effectively, if you avoid your mail being labeled as spam. Nevertheless, this advertising technique has proven to enhance market shares and audience turnover through its benefits.

Commercial prices

The firs major benefit bulk mail is associated with are commercial prices. Commercial prices are lower than single-piece mail prices. What postage services offer those people who sent mail in large quantities ( for advertising or other purposes) is lowered posting fees because some of the work like organizing mail in the mail house by ZIP code, is done by the sender ,thus saving time and money for the postal service.

Effective market targeting

What bulk mail offers to marketing agencies and marketing departments of large companies is effective and precise audience targeting. Consequently, companies can use sophisticated demographic marketing to reach those areas of the country that your company never had the chance of being competitive.

Customized mailing

Bulk mail has developed a lot in recent years as digital printing has made it possible to create customized mailing materials for every household. Companies use marketing research to help them create the most attention catching design of the mailing materials, hoping that it will lead the customer to eventually liking or even buying some products.

Most companies see direct marketing methods like bulk mail as old and ineffective anymore but the fact is that if planned and conducted in the right manner bulk or direct mail marketing can lead only to customer turnover and profits. That’s why large companies and corporations still use this advertising method and are constantly looking for new demographic areas to promote their products in and try to get a bigger market share from fierce competition.