Reasons for Changing Brake Pads

Have you ever experienced that awful moment when attractive women turn heads not because they are drawn to your car, but because of that screechy sound your car makes every time you tap on that brake pad. You might think there is no need for brake service, however that squeaky sound is a warning sign that your car is in a desperate need of new brakes. In situations like this, changing break pads to assure a safe stop is a must. Many are not aware that cars and its’ parts depreciate over time and regular checkups are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Brake pads are a vital part of every car and ensure overall safety not just for a driver, but for other people on the road as well. Like any other part of your car, brake pads also wear out gradually – for some faster and for some not as fast depending on their quality, your driving technique and how often you tap on them. Nevertheless, thorough inspection must be performed during each car servicing with special attention to brake service to determine if your car needs new brake pads. If this is the case, changing brake pads must be performed with absolute care since even the smallest of mistake can lead to break failure and sometimes to severe accidents.

Another way to know your car needs brake service is if you have trouble steering when you tap on a break pad or if your car drifts to either side as you brake. In situations like this you must take your car to the licensed mechanic for a thorough inspection. In addition, if you need to apply a significant amount of pressure on a break pad when pressing it down then it is time for changing break pads. To avoid expensive repairs and/or possible accidents, you must inspect your car every time before putting a key in the ignition. If you hear any new sound or feel something is not right, to ensure complete safety for yourself and others on the road, you must have your car inspected by a licensed mechanic.

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