3 Reasons Of Creating Self Managed Superannuation in Australia


When it comes retirement most people start planning in advance, however, many are not sure of available options nor which plan to choose. Australians have several alternatives to choose from. The most common type of retirement is the one where your pension income is based on the general tax you have paid over the years. The second option available is carefully designed retirement plan that requires mandatory contributions in order to reach the desired pension level. And the third one, opposite from the second one, is based on voluntary contributions giving you the freedom to contribute certain amount each year. An example of a retirement plan with voluntary contributions is the self managed superannuation or self managed super fund.

If you decide to go with the self managed superannuation after you retire, you might wanna know what this type of fund it is. In a quick glance, the self managed super fund allows you to be your own trustees. In other therms, this means that you, as the members of the fund, are the one who manages the fund and periodic contributions. You are the one responsible for running it in accordance with the law and must file periodic reports on all operations. This retirement plan allows you to determine the level of the self managed superannuation and gives you full control over it. So, why choose this kind of fund as your retirement plan.

Why Self Managed Superannuation in Australia?

First of all, it gives you the flexibility and the freedom to manage and decide where, when and how payments will be invested and which amount will be contributed to the fund. This is great for people who have both skills and experience and have had proper training to conduct their own self managed super fund. Another thing that makes this fund attractive are the low fees it offers. Government reports have shown that members of the self managed super fund pay lower fees compared to members of other pension plans, which improves performance and effectiveness of the fund in general. Furthermore, this type of fund draws more attention as it provides asset protection in case of bankruptcy. As common as bankruptcy has become nowadays, this benefit of the self managed super fund offers security in the eyes of its member making it more reliable and dependable which is what people seek.

These are just few of the most important benefits that you, as a member of self managed super funds will acquire, but not the only ones. You must, however, do a thorough research on this type of pension plan before deciding to go with it. To truly understand the heart of this fund’s process; how to successfully run one; to invest and profit from it and to become a member click on the following link for more information – http://www.superannuationwarehouse.com.au/.