Top Reasons to Get a Body Lift Kit for Your Hilux

Sometimes, adding suspension lifts to your 4×4 isn’t enough and having plenty of clearance is very important to be able to fully enjoy a 4×4. I recently added a body lift to my Toyota Hilux and I couldn’t be happier the extra space which allowed me too add some larger tires and get more out of my 4×4. Be it because you are not satisfied with your vehicle’s performance, or maybe your vehicle can’t be lifted more than a few cm of the ground, adding a body lift can fix quite a few problems for you.


Let’s get the legal stuff out of the way first. In Australia, most states allow for the vehicle to be raised up to 5 cm. However, in order to be fully legal you have to find an engineer to look at it and approve its modifications as to deem it road ready. The aspects that will be under inspection the most are the type of material the block is made from and the exact height of your vehicle in order to see if it is within the legal limit. Just to be extra careful, contact professionals from your exact are for this matter to be sure that the same laws apply in your state.

Okay, so let’s get back to the fun stuff. So, not too long ago, I installed a 5 cm suspension lift on my Toyota Hilux, and I have to say it is pretty much spot on. I never thought such a small elevation would make such a big difference on the look of my Hilux. Now my truck has more than enough travel and the ride has improved massively over the old suspension. I think the problem to begin with was that all Toyota Hilux vehicles generally have small wheels which were most often the cause for my reluctance to go off road. But after my Hilux body lift was installed, my confidence sky rocketed and now I go on off road adventures whenever I can.

All in all, installing a body lift to our trucks can no doubt be considered a great idea. It’s cheap and definitely worth it. It can cost you a bit more if you are not planing to install it yourself though, but it still pays off. However, if you are like me and enjoy working on your truck yourself, then getting one is no decision at all. After you get your Hilux body lift installed, all differences mentioned above will become obvious.