Reasons Why Standing Desks Are Good for Your Health

Even with walking lunch breaks and the occasional coffee break, the average office worker spends up to 15 hours a day sitting. This is definitely not good news, considering how a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk for back pain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. But before you quit your desk job, consider this solution – the standing desk.

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Standing desks allow office workers to reduce the amount of sitting without interrupting whatever work tasks they need to accomplish. And best of all, you still get to sit down whenever you feel like giving your feet a break as most modern standing work desks for sale are height-adjustable. Although standing desks are a very recent trend, research has shown that they can have some impressive benefits on your health.

Prevent Weight Gain and Obesity

We’ve all been there. You get your first office job, and by the time you get your first pay check, you’ve packed on a kilo or two. While it might feel like magic to you, it’s all simple maths. Sitting for long periods of time burns little calories, so your body starts storing them. Obviously, exercise is the best way to use up those extra calories, but with our busy lifestyles it’s difficult to find the time to do so. Nevertheless, a little tweak in your workspace, such as getting a standing desk, can be a simple and effective solution when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight. In fact, compared to an entire day spent sitting, a day spent with intermittent standing has been shown to burn 170 additional calories.

Reduce Back Pain

When you apply for an office job, you basically apply for a lifetime of back pain. Back pain is the most common health issue of people who sit for the bigger part of their day. And sometimes, no matter how comfortable your chair may be, the pain still persists. Luckily, besides ergonomic chairs, there are also ergonomic work desks for sale. According to research, standing desks can significantly reduce chronic back pain. A study regarding the effect of standing desks has shown up to a 32% reduction in lower back pain after the course of several weeks. Whereas another study found that within 4 weeks of using sit-stand desks, people reported a 54% improvement in upper back and neck pain.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting all day, in traffic to and from work, at the office, and on the couch at home, could be hurting your heart without you even knowing. According to a recent study, prolonged sitting results in buildup of troponins in the body, which are a type of protein that heart muscle cells release when they become damaged. Additionally, prolonged inactivity also decreases blood circulation. So, the obvious solution is to get up from your office chair more frequently and get your body moving. And the great thing about standing desks is that you can stand up without having to actually leave your desk. Super convenient and productive!