5 Summer Nail Colours to Make Your Beachside Look Pop, According to Celebrity Nail Artists

Summer is the season of joy, fun, and fashion. And when it comes to summer fashion, one of the trends that are the most fun to try out are bright nail polishes. I can’t tell you how many bottles of nail polish I own. Ranging from dark shades of red to bright neon colours, there’s nail polish for every woman. But, what’s the best colour for summer?

Nail art has become increasingly more popular over the years. Ever since the 60s, nail polishes have been around. Today, you can find them in every drugstore and grocery store. But, before nail polishes started becoming a popular choice, we only had nail polish remover, nail polish, and glitter. Now, there are hundreds of brands of nail polishes. Although to be able to wear your nails as an addition to your outfit, it’s important that you keep them strong and healthy.

Beauty experts always like to share their predictions for nail colours for summer. As usual, this year’s colour predictions are as colourful and bright as the summer itself! Here are some nail colours to try out this summer, according to celebrity nail artists and beauty experts.

Neutral Whites

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The warm weather is here, and with it, the need to experiment with new nail polish colours. And once summer hits, it can be tricky to stray too far from your classic shades, especially if you’re like me, and you want some change but don’t want to commit to neons or brights just yet. Simple nudes, bright corals and summer pastels are all great options, but if you’re looking to try something new this summer, get a neutral white nails polish. There’s a shade that flatters every skin tone and gives your nails a clean, fresh look, so it’s a guaranteed favourite.

The tricky bit is choosing which white shade to go for. If we’re honest, most of us have probably worn the wrong shade at some point. A pale, cool white can look dirty and washed out on darker skin, whereas a too-dark shade can look chalky and accentuate wrinkles. Which shades look best? Pale, cool white nail polish shades are a great base colour. You can darken them slightly by adding a little black or slightly lighten them by adding a little pink. The palest pinks look best on tanned skin, although they can look too pale on paler skin. On the other hand, darker pinks, such as peach or coral, look best on pale skin.

One of the best things about summer – besides the obvious – is the beach. Whether you live by the coast or are just visiting, you’ll be spending plenty of time by the water. If your idea of summer fun is lazing on the beach with a good book, a pair of sunnies, and the ultimate summer accessory, your toenails, then you’ll want a pedicure to match. A pale, slightly dirty white, with a hint of sand, will give your pedicure the summery look you want. For an even more summery look, why not opt for a set of sandals with barely-there straps, worn with equally white pedicured toes?

Pastel Yellows

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Summer is here! For you, it means long days of fun in the sun, and for your nails, it means endless beach days. However, summer is also synonymous with warm rays of the sun, which can quickly affect the natural shade and shine of your nails. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your aesthetic. You can easily add colour to your summer nails in a multitude of ways.

Pastel shades are the way to go, and with summer being the perfect season to experiment with bright hair, why not your summer nails as well? Try going for a pastel yellow shade that’s bright and fresh, and really makes your nails pop. It’s perfect for any summer outfit and is a great alternative for those who paint their nails in vibrant colours, but don’t really want to make the commitment.

Olive Green

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Olive green nail polish is used to set the mood for summer. This colour has a subtle, calming tone that is ideal for a hot summer night. Olive green nail polishes can be worn from day to night and can easily be coordinated with other neutral colours.

Summer nail colours should be light with touches of dark. Dark colours will make nails look fragile and breakable. Choose light colours that won’t look washed out when natural light hits during the day. Olive green nail polishes are an excellent choice for dark skin tones.

When selecting your perfect summer nail colour, consider what you will be doing. Will you be wearing sandals, flip-flops, or heels? Will you be in the water or on the beach? You can wear olive green nail polish paired with a white blouse and jeans for a relaxed, casual look, and maybe some sandals. Olive green can also be combined with your favourite bikini, cover up with shorts, for beach casual looks. Try matching it with a knee-length dress with sandals, for a classic summer look. Accessorize with jewellery and sunglasses. You can wear olive green nail polishes for evening looks. Wear your favourite dress, sandals, and sunglasses. Add jewellery and a clutch for an elegant evening look.

Peachy Pink

Summer is a time for ladies to flaunt their nails with bright shades. And why not? After all, who can resist the appeal of summer festivities? While ladies could choose from a wide range of colours, peach nail polish for summer looks is a shade that certainly stands out from the rest. Fashion experts predict that this shade of pink is going to rule the summer of 2021/22.

This peach nail polish for summer looks trend is a statement, and ladies who flaunt this shade are certain to make heads turn. Your nails painted in this soft pink hue, when paired right with accessories, become a complete outfit. Apt for casual outings, beach parties, and picnics. The shade also looks adorable when paired with other pastels, and shades of cream. It is a fact that the peach nail polish flatters a variety of skin tones and is a timeless shade that will never go out of style.

Baby Blue

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Pastels, especially baby blues, make a refreshing change from the darker nail colours we’re used to seeing. They’re great if you’re having a tan, and look gorgeous against tanned skin. These pastel shades also look great against white or cream.

So if you’re planning on wearing sandals or strappy sandals in the sun, pastel nails are the way to go. But pastels aren’t just for day wear. If you’re going out for drinks in the evening, you can mix it up with metallic or glitter nail varnish. This is especially great if you’re wearing a little bit of make-up, as it gives your look a bit of sparkle.

Start with a base colour – either white or cream – and use a pastel nail polish to brush over the nail. Once you’ve got the colour you want, add a bit of glitter or metallic glitter to the top layer, and you’ve got a summery look!

To Sum Up

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Summer is the best season to enjoy the beach, parties with your friends, and swimming, etc. But having beautiful nails sets the mood. It’s a season when you can experiment and have some fun. Try new combinations, new nail polishes, new outfits. Your nails can be the best summer accessory.