Last-Minute Lifesavers: Alcohol Gifts to Make This Christmas the Merriest

As the holidays are approaching, people are slowly getting into the festive spirit. Christmas trees are decorated, fairy lights are flickering all over town, we get to munch on delicious Christmas treats and exchange gifts. But Christmas presents are not meant to be given and opened on Christmas day only. They can make the perfect party starters too. When attending a party, you cannot go wrong with bringing along a flavoured, beautifully bottled gin or well-aged whisky. Yes, alcohol-based presents are super popular and are a great way to warm up during the jolly season. Here’s a list of creative alcohol gift ideas that will make the ideal party opener.

Unique Alcohol Gifts

Let the Party Be-Gin

Gin is definitely the ideal go-to alcoholic beverage for almost any type of occasion. Go for a tasty and creative mini gin and tonic gift set to ensure a super fun time! These sets are of great quality and will be responsible for the life of the party.


Gin is loved and appreciated by many people, and that’s for some good reasons. Gin is known to be the only alcohol that is super low on calories. That being said, bloating is completely off of the table and your waistline is out of risk. Next up, gin is known to be very rich in antioxidants, which means it will speed up your body’s regenerative process, contributing to glowing and wrinkle-free skin. It also helps fight off all sorts of diseases, mainly heart-related ones.

To make the most out of your gift, ask yourself – what goes with gin as a gift? You can get creative with your present and add personal notes inside the box, or you can opt for getting delicious foods that will put an accent on the taste of gin. Foods that pair perfectly with this type of spirit are cheese and meat platters, nuts and seeds, berries and a dish of smoked salmon. Gin can also be mixed with lime juice which has its own health perks. Overall, this gift idea makes an excellent choice for a holiday party.

For Wine Lovers

Another great option is wine. It is definitely a Christmas’ favourite and people can’t deny that they love it! It has been around for a very long time and given that we still drink it, it’s undeniable that its taste is definitely timeless. So, yes – you cannot go wrong by bringing along a quality red wine pack for an unforgettable holiday event.

Firstly, as mentioned above, wine has been consumed by our ancestors all the way back to 7000 BC. It is a historically-significant drink that has been adored by people throughout time. Some cultures were even entirely dedicated to the existence of wine itself, and they worshipped and drank it daily. To this day, wine is still widely popular. Even doctors recommend drinking one glass a day, mainly because of its’ healthy properties. It is very rich in antioxidants which help protect our bodies from all sorts of diseases, mainly heart-based ones. So, not only will wine boost your mood, it will help your overall well-being too if consumed in moderation!

Now, for Christmas, more specifically, it’s usually red wine that is preferred. You won’t fail to impress if you choose well-aged shiraz, merlot or sauvignon. During the cold season, it’s also quite popular to drink mulled wine, which is a heated up variety. It will perfectly warm you up and really spark up the mood.


Lastly, wine-food pairings are a must. Top up your red wine pack with some creative gourmet dishes that will put an accent on the wine taste and make the guests fall in love even more. However, it’s important to be careful when picking the food platter when it comes to wine, as they all are of a different taste. For example, chardonnay matches perfectly with any type of fish, the rose goes with a nice serving of multiple cheese varieties, cabernet is best with red meat and syrah is topped off with spicy dishes. Knowing your wine and wine combos before purchasing is crucial, so remember to read up.

Fun O’Clock With Whisky on the Rocks

Lastly, you can warm up the party with a nice set of well-aged whisky specials that will add to the holiday experience. Whisky is especially favoured during the cold season because of its significant inviting flavour and aroma. Now, there are various different kinds you can choose from when it comes to this spirit.


You can opt for a heavier, more robust taste with a touch of caramel, oak or butterscotch. This flavouring usually goes for the bourbon or scotch type of whisky. It’s perfect if you really want a stronger taste that will go down causing a tingly feeling in your throat. Next, if you prefer a lighter taste, another variety you can go for is the sweet kind. It mainly gives attractive aromas of vanilla or coconut along with a fruity flavour that will feel soft and smooth as you drink it. This lighter kind of whisky can be much more tolerable for some people too, so it’s smart to bring at least two different, elegant bottles that will offer both strong and gentle tasting.

To really add to the joy, consider pairing the bottles with whisky-suitable foods such as Christmas cookies made of dark chocolate, a delicious apple pie, pork or smoked salmon, dried nuts and any type of cheese you prefer. This type of menu will bring out the significant taste of the whisky even more, and the guests will love you for it.

In conclusion, bringing whisky on a holiday or on any other type of event will make both you and the party-goers happy. Besides the distinctive flavour, it also offers health advantages as well. Various studies have shown that it is able to help fight cancer and heart diseases, aid in weight loss, reduce stress and it is even good for diabetics as won’t cause the blood sugars to spike up.

Final Thoughts

Overall, mixing up the holiday gatherings with quality, flavourful spirits will definitely boost up everyone’s mood. So, next time don’t go empty-handed and prepare yourself. Pick from a nice mini gin and tonic gift set, an elegant pack of wine or some classic whisky specials to ensure a good time. You can even get your present online and save yourself time shopping. Happy holidays!