Why You Need Real Estate Calculators

When the American housing market crashed back in 2008 resulting in what is now a historical event known as the World Subprime Crisis, the alarm on buying real estate started going on for real. Back in 2008, thanks to the practice mortgage brokers were implementing with borrowers, anyone who wanted to own a house but couldn’t really afford it, got the money to do so. People were getting mortgages like candy and they weren’t even close to meeting the requirements for a loan. And when housing prices went down the hill like crazy, the bubble burst.

All of that brings me to my point: getting a loan from a financial institution is a huge deal, not because you eventually have to give that money back with interest, but because if you don’t plan things right, you might end up in what is known as a ‘loan spiral’, or in other words, borrowing more money to pay back the previous loan. Worst case scenario when talking about real estate – ending up on the streets with nothing but a few bags of worthless clothes.


So, do you need to know how to perform financial planning to get a mortgage? Not really, right? What you do have to do however, is rely on technology to help your plans and buy real estate calculators. These calculators are designed to calculate exactly what you need to know before you plan your monthly income, so that you can put aside how much you need for your monthly payment. Here’s how you’ll ease the entire process if you decide to buy real estate calculators.

A clear view on the monthly payment

No matter how you want to look at things, the monthly payment for the mortgage should be your priority. By using a mortgage calculator, you don’t need to do complex financial math to calculate how much a loan would cost you monthly. You can just enter the mortgage amount and the interest rate and the calculator will show you how much your monthly payment in that case would be. You’ve just solved one major piece of the mortgage scheme.

A clear amortization table

Amortization of your mortgage is also something you want to know in advance. These state-of-the-art calculators can do that too: once you enter the basic values such as loan principal and interest rate, the calculator shows a table that portrays how your balance comes down over time. That’s the clearest view you will ever have on your loan structure.

Other useful things

Depending on the type of mortgage you get, you will have different loan conditions offered. At some point you will want to know if you can repay your debt sooner, how much will that cost you, and similar things. A good real estate calculator can help you with these things in a very easy and simple manner. For instance, if you have a little extra money and you want to repay the loan faster, you can add to the monthly payment a little more. This will change the amortization scheme, so you will want to know how much you will have to pay and how much will you save. By knowing all numbers and entering them in the calculator you will easily get the new picture of your cost.