Reasons To Do Cosmetic Tattoo

At some point in life, every woman has fantasized about having fuller lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and perfectly applied eyeliner at all times. We all want this look to last throughout the day, even when at the pool or at the beach, and this fantasy of ours can be achieved only with permanent makeup also known as cosmetic tattoo.

Regardless of the type of cosmetic procedure you want to have, choosing a reliable Australian beauty clinic is a must. Being able to entrust the look of your face to the hands of a professional is of vital importance.


Surveys have shown that this trend is gaining a lot of popularity these days and the reasons for that are many:

  • Permanent Makeup Will Save You Time – The most appealing thing about cosmetic tattoo is the time-saving aspect. Women waste a lot of time when getting ready to go out – the need to apply makeup everyday is what usually leads them to turning to cosmetic tattoos, especially cosmetic tattoo eyeliner.

  • Permanent Makeup Will Save You Money – Although cosmetic tattoos are considered to be a rather expensive procedures, in the long run – it pays off. Once you get permanent lip colour, cosmetic tattoo eyeliner or you decide to fill in your brows, you can forget about the need to buy lipstick, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil in the following 3-4 years.

  • Permanent Makeup Won’t Smudge or Streak – Due to the fact that permanent makeup is water-resistant, it will stay in place at all times, as opposed to normal makeup that tends to come off quite easily when we sweat or get in any kind of contact with water.

  • It Is Perfect For People Allergic to Cosmetics – Cosmetic tattooing is very beneficial for people with sensitive skin and for those who have severe allergic reactions to traditional cosmetic products. It is the perfect solution that enables these people to wear makeup without having to deal with irritated skin afterwards.

The reasons to do any type of cosmetic tattoo are many, but what matters more is to carefully choose the beauty clinic and the technician. When choosing the technician, consider his/her training, experience and before and after portfolio. A professional technician will be able to go properly match the colour of your skin with the colour of the tattoo’s pigment. In addition, he/she will take into account the natural shape of your lips, eyes and eyebrows.