What to Look For When Buying a Stroller

The baby arrival preparations are well underway, aren’t they? Everything needs to be perfect for your newborn angel. From nappies to cradles, you’re slowly but surely growing your baby care arsenal.

While most soon-to-be-parents tend to direct most of their attention to nurseries, diapering and feeding gear, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that you’re bound to leave the house with the baby at some point. And you’ll need some kind of stroller to do that. Sure, carrying the infant around shouldn’t be too hard but they’ll eventually fall asleep and you’ll need to set them down somewhere. This is why it’s important to invest in a convenient baby travel stroller.

With that being said, there are a few things you need to know before you decide which one is most appropriate for your child. And yes, we get that you already have a lot on your plate as it is so you really don’t have the extra time to do more research. That’s why we’re here to help you out with that by giving you all the details to get you started.

mother and the stroller with the baby
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What Are the Different Types of Strollers?

Strollers come in all shapes and sizes which are supposed to make walking around with your little one easier. For some parents, the basic models are more than enough while others want all the extra pizzazz they can get. It’s all subjective anyway.

Full-Sized Stroller

This is a traditional, multi-purpose stroller that comes with a range of features. The well-padded seat is quite roomy, comfortable and can even be adjusted to suit your needs. In addition, you get a lot of storage space to place your baby care items and keep them nearby. However, the downside here is that because they’re larger strollers, they can be a little heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre than other types. But, on the bright side, full-sized strollers are pretty sturdy and are able to handle most types of terrain.

Lightweight Stroller

lightweight baby stroller
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Also known as umbrella strollers, these are very easy to transport and carry because they aren’t too heavy and can fold easily. This makes lightweight travel strollers perfect for quick and short trips because they’re compact and convenient. Be careful not to use lightweight strollers with babies younger than six months since they’re usually unable to sit upright on their own and the seat doesn’t recline fully to give proper support.

Jogging Stroller

These strollers are perfect for families that are keen on doing sports and other physical activities. You know how many moms and dads out there just want to go out for a quick run but can’t leave the baby home alone? Well, that’ll no longer be a problem if you get a handy jogging stroller. You’ll simply take the baby with you whenever you want to let out some steam while running. Bear in mind that this travel pram might be a little heavier and difficult to fold.

Double Stroller

Good things come in two, don’t they? Whether you’re dealing with twins or toddlers that are approximately the same age, a double baby travel stroller is the easiest way to handle the situation. The two seats can be arranged either side by side or one behind the other. Both options do the job well, it’s up to you to decide which one you like best.

double baby stroller
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Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Storage Space

Think about how many things you want to take with you while you’re out and about and see if you have enough room to bring them along. A stroller might be pleasing to the eye but if it doesn’t meet your needs, there’s no point in getting it.

Weight And Convenience

Many people aren’t big fans of heavy strollers and for a good reason too. If it gets too difficult to carry, it decreases your ability to move freely and may be an inconvenience. Make sure the stroller is easy to use and doesn’t affect flexibility.

Safety Features

baby stroller safety features
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The breaks on a stroller are the most important safety feature. Babies tend to toss and turn quite a bit and those involuntary movements can be toned down by using safety breaks. You won’t have to worry about your stroller getting out of sight if you’re looking the other way for even just a bit.

Additional Stroller Accessories

We’ve gone through the basics on strollers, now let’s have a quick look at some accessories that might come in handy.


Honestly, bamboo blankets for babies are the softest thing ever. You can easily cocoon your little one in this hypoallergenic and breathable material that’s surely going to provide enough warmth and comfort. There are many baby blanket materials out there but in recent years, more and more people seem to opt for bamboo as their first choice. And we can’t possibly blame them.

baby blankets
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Car Seat

This is a fairly fuss-free way of getting your toddler to sit still in the car. Installing baby car seats provides safety for all passengers on board because you won’t get distracted by what your child is doing. Plus, your little angel will ride in style everywhere you decide to go.