Reasons to Choose Bamboo As the Ideal Fabric for Your Baby

Every parent wants the best for their child. The minute you find out you’re going to become a parent things start to change as you realise there’s going to be this delicate tiny human in your life depending on your care.

Often, we tend to get so carried away reading books on understanding babies more, how to put them to sleep, how much they should sleep, that we forget what they sleep on and what they wear is just as important.

Luckily, there’s the bamboo trend that made it big in the last couple of years to show us why choosing the fabrics wisely matters. Given that it’s a moisture-wicking material, much better than cotton even, bedding, baby clothing and bamboo muslin wraps are ideal for the delicate baby skin.


That is, as long as you make sure you buy certified bamboo products (OEKO-TEX 100 certified) so you’d be certain they are organic. Now more to the properties that make it the ideal option for babies, it’s a fabric providing breathability and thermal regulation, so while the baby will stay snug wearing and sleeping on bamboo, it won’t sweat or get uncomfortable.

Due to the antimicrobial agent the plant has, it has a natural resistance to infestation, which is exactly what makes the fabric antimicrobial and antibacterial too. Moreover it has silky soft texture exactly what you need for your little one, without the worries of skin irritation, rashes and allergies.

Other than the products already mentioned, like bamboo muslin wraps there are also organic cloth diapers and carrier wraps. Don’t let the softness tell you otherwise, it’s still a strong and durable material that allows for easy cleaning, even machine washing considering it’s not shrinkable and is as resistant to wrinkles as can be.

Though it used to be more expensive now that it’s become a trend prices have dropped so it’s an investment that wouldn’t affect your budget much. Along with all the reasons it’s good for your baby, it’s important not to forget it’s a sustainable fabric after all which makes it good for the environment too, so what you buy doesn’t harm nature same way other options do.

This comes from the fact it doesn’t require harmful pesticides to grow thanks to being resilient on its own, and additionally there’s no need to expose it to toxic chemicals to turn it into a fabric. Safe for your baby, safe for the planet!