What Makes Vinyl Flooring the Right Choice for Commercial Settings

Commercial settings have a lot of foot traffic, and this is why they require a flooring material that can withstand a lot of abuse. Vinyl flooring can be the best solution for both domestic and commercial spaces. It is a low maintenance material that performs well and comes in many styles, colours and configurations to suit any indoor space.

Education Facilities 

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School floors face a lot of traffic which is why it’s essential they’re strong enough and of high quality to endure all that wear and tear. The dirt, dust and grime need to be easy to clean up. There are janitors who are responsible for cleaning the floors but still, they need a lot of time and energy to do that job properly. 

Tiles in classrooms are often made out of ceramic or porcelain which can chip or break easily if they fall on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Vinyl tiles are different in that they will not chip or crack and are much safer to walk on. In many cases, quality commercial vinyl flooring has proven to be durable enough for commercial settings like schools. Thanks to it, school operators don’t have to worry about repainting or replacing the floors every few years. 

A good school gym needs durable floors that are tough enough to handle the constant wear and tear it will experience from students and teachers. A commercial-grade gym floor should hold up well over time, so it makes sense to install a durable product like vinyl. It’s also easy to maintain, so the upkeep on your gym’s floor will be simple. Most commercial vinyl sheet flooring comes in colours including red, blue, green and yellow. If you would like a custom colour scheme for your school gymnasium, then vinyl flooring could be the solution. 

Healthcare and Aged Care 

Many nursing homes, hospitals and aged care facilities have been turning to commercial vinyl flooring tiles for their commercial spaces for many reasons. One of the main advantages of this material is that it is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain. When you have a lot of germs and bacteria floating around – as with any healthcare setting – this is an important feature to consider. Commercial vinyl flooring can be cleaned quickly and easily using just soap, water and a mop – no harsh chemicals are required. This also makes it a good option for those who are worried about chemical reactions causing health problems for themselves or their loved ones in these institutions. 

Another advantage is that vinyl does not hold onto bacteria as other flooring types do, as it can be cleaned thoroughly every day. It also protects patients from slipping on wet floors, which may pose a safety hazard in any commercial setting. With a long history in hospitals across the country, vinyl flooring has proven itself over time as one of the safest options available to medical facilities. 


hospital vinyl flooring
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One thing that is always worth considering when choosing floors for your commercial establishment is the impact it will have on the safety and health of your staff and customers. The most common cause of injuries are accidents involving dropped items. This can be an inconvenience or a disaster depending on the location and hazard level of the items dropped. For example, someone dropping a plate of food could lead to a mess in a cafeteria or even worse, someone dropping sharp utensils could lead to an accident that injures another person. 

Even if you don’t keep dangerous materials in stock, there are still plenty of other things that can fall over causing damage to you or your customers. Pots and pans are popular culprits for someone to trip over but there are plenty of other options which may not be as obvious. With these in mind, investing in some kind of protective flooring can help to avoid costly accidents which could have been prevented. 

Offices and Other Workstations 

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Flexibility is something you want to see in any commercial setting, but it’s especially useful when you need to swap out your office furniture and other important fixtures. For one thing, vinyl flooring can be quite easily cut or trimmed to size as needed. For another, it’s soft and comfortable, so it will work well for seating as well as standing workstations. It’s also an excellent choice for remodelling. If you’re planning on doing a lot of remodelling in the next year or two, by choosing vinyl flooring you’re eliminating the hardship of installing new floors.  

To Sum Up 

Overall, vinyl floors have a lot to offer. Compared to other types of floors, they’re easier to install, maintain, and clean. Plus, they are longer-lasting than laminate and many other hardwood floors. There is no denying the fact that vinyl flooring is a viable option for many commercial settings and should not be overlooked by business owners.