Tips on How to Throw an Unforgettable Vegan Birthday Party

Birthdays are the best occasions in the world! There are so many reasons to celebrate birthdays. The wishes you receive, the gifts you get and everything in between make you feel loved and appreciated on that special day. Knowing the feeling, you want to show your loved ones the same love and appreciation on their birthday. And is there a better way to tell someone you care about them than throwing a birthday party tailored just for them?

As more and more people go vegan, and food has the central role at our parties and gatherings, it can feel a little bit challenging to throw a vegan birthday party. But worry not, we got you! Whether you are a vegan yourself or you are throwing a party for a vegan friend, here are 5 tips on how to throw a vegan birthday party no one will forget.

1. Vegan Birthday Cake


It won’t be a real birthday party without a birthday cake. The cake is the essence of every birthday party. It’s where we gather around and sing “Happy Birthday” to the celebrant, waiting for them to make a wish and blow the candles. And vegan cakes are becoming more and more popular even among non-vegan consumers. But when it comes to their making, vegan cakes can be tricky.

Eggs and milk make the base of every cake and when you keep them out, you are solely left with a couple of ingredients that you may not be familiar with. If you’re not willing to risk, you should order your tasty, rich and creamy plant-based cake from a vegan cake shop. Today, you can order from an online vegan cake shop and choose a pickup location to get your vegan cake delivered or get it from the store. You can choose a unique design that best suits your birthday boy or girl or you can make your own design. On other hand, if you are willing to take the risk and feel “I can do this”, follow a trusted online recipe that many has tried and loved!

2. Party Perfect Finger Foods

You know you’re hosting a good party when your guests hang out together, some of them dancing and some of them just standing and talking to each other, having their plate in one hand and their drink in the other. To be sure they’re free to party and enjoy the food at the same time, you can set up a buffet with lots of finger foods. Those are foods that they can pick up with their fingers and finish in a couple of bites, without needing cutlery. Think vegan mozzarella sticks, sweet potato chips, veggie mini-bites, stuffed mushrooms, mini-pizzas, crispy cauliflower bites with creamy vegan dip and the list goes on and on. Make sure there’s something for everyone and don’t forget your meat-eating guests (think ribs and wings too).

3. Drinks for All


You can think “this is easy, I’ve done this before”, but not so fast. It’s surprising how many drinks out there aren’t vegan friendly. Among the other animal stuff used for making wine and beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages, gelatine and egg whites are often used as clarifying agents. Do your research and make sure you serve only vegan-friendly options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so there’s a drink for everyone. Making your own vegan cocktail is a great idea. Pomegranate Margaritas, Berry Sangria, Berry Bubbly Vodka Soda, Tequila Sunrise, Sage Gin Gimlet are some of the most popular ones. Choose one or two and go for it. You shouldn’t go crazy though, you don’t want to play bartender the whole time.

4. DIY Food Bars

Do-it-yourself food bars are a wonderful entertaining idea. The guests can make their food choices and enjoy the food they like. It’s a great way to mix vegan and non-vegan food too. And after a little prep work, you can retire from your hosting responsibilities and enjoy the rest of the time with your guests. What’s more fun than that? And when it comes to ‘make your own food’ bars ideas, the sky is the limit. You know your guests, so ask yourself ‘Are they Mexican food lovers?’ If yes, prepare a DIY Tacos or Nachos Bar. If they love pasta, set up a DIY Build Your Own Pasta Bar. Make Your Own Burger, Pizza and Cold Sandwiches Bar are also great bar ideas. Just make sure there’s plenty of food for all and take care the warm food stays warm and the cold food stays cold.

5. Mini-Presents for Everyone

vegan food

Another thing you can do to make your party unforgettable is to make sure your guests remember it by giving them simple presents. Giving presents to the guest of honour is very important but don’t forget that everyone wants to feel seen and a good host will appreciate their guests’ efforts to come and make them remember the party they attended. A simple hand-made thank-you note including warm wishes or a motivational quote is something they can always look at and remember the good time they had. You can also prepare some edible goods in mini jars with a note including the date and the occasion on them, or a minibar in a jar if your guests prefer drinks to food.

Let’s Get the Party Started

Last but not least, turn the party mood on. Birthdays are special occasions, celebrating our loved ones and they only happen once a year. Keep the festive mood on. Keep it light. Someone’s birthday party is never the time for a heated argument on what should or shouldn’t someone eat. This is an important thing to keep in mind when hosting a party with both vegans and non-vegans. So, make sure everything goes as smooth as possible and if things still get a bit weird, just bring that fabulous vegan cake out. I’m sure it will make everyone smile because life’s too short to say no to cake!